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I’m sitting by the pool at my gite, because the wifi only works by the pool. Beside me, bees happily diving into the lavender; olive trees, cedars, pines, brown grass, the ubiquitous oleanders. The sound, as always, of cicadas and wind. I gather that all the rest of France and Canada still are having bad weather. Here, wind and sun. Yesterday there was a pottery market in Gordes, and delicate pieces were flying off the tables in the mistral.

The wedding is drawing closer; today the groom’s mother arrives from Australia, yesterday the bride’s brother and his girlfriend from London. We were 18 for dinner last night. Denis’s mother is here too; Denis drove her down from Versailles, she sleeps in an extended care nursing home nearby but spends the day in the midst of the family. When I knew her, she was a sharp, highly critical university professor who never stopped working, a great deal like her son. Now she wanders about like a small child, needing help with everything, mostly sitting gazing into space. But she walks to be where the people are and is always sitting with them. The other day she sat in the midst of a dozen young Australian men, friends of the groom, who were having a picnic at the end of the garden. Something in her underpants interested her so she sat groping about down there while the men continued to chat, unperturbed. The family is wonderful with her, patiently helping her in the toilet or to eat – just as they do with the babies. This is all part of the big family experience, and again, something those of us with small families don’t often experience.
The two-hour meal at the table is a place for story-tellers like me and Lynn – by yesterday night, people were calling out requests for favourites. “Tell the one,” I was asked, “about the cheese tray again.” Not one of my finer moments, but for those of you who want to hear the story, it’s in the podcast section of this website. It’s a good party piece. Lynn and I talked last night, too, about our famous friend Dan Ackroyd. This makes us briefly interesting to the eyes of the teenagers present. There was a glass on the table unlike the others, covered with ornate fake gold. “That’s your father’s scotch glass!” cried Norah, and suddenly we were all back in Chateauguay, Quebec, sitting in the living room with Lynn’s parents Therese and Andrew, with the sound of clinking ice cubes.
Today, all I know about our plans is that the groom’s mother is coming to dinner and we’re cooking gigot d’agneau and there will be more than 20 of us. The same bee and now a convention of white butterflies continue to dine beside me, in the feast of lavender. Provence is a feast for us all.



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  1. Carolyn says:

    We're having a heatwave in the northwest of Canada. It was 30 degrees yesterday and apparently will be so for the next several days. We often experience the opposite of the weather in eastern Canada.

    It's wonderful that the family is so accepting of the mother with Alzheimer's. Seems very mature and loving.

  2. beth says:

    Glad to hear you're not freezing in the gloom like the Torontonians, Carolyn.

    Yesterday, Mme. Blin made clear that she was hot and wanted to wade in the pool, so a suit was found for her, she was helped to change and she went wading. They truly are a patient and loving bunch, her grandchildren. She is fed mushy food at the same time as the one-year olds, she wears a diaper … it really makes clear that life is a circle and we end up where we started.

  3. 一時代を築いたスタービーチは閉鎖になってしまいましたが、もう一度楽しい思いをしたい、もう一度であいたいと思う有志により再度復活しました。本家以上に簡単に会えて楽しい思いを約束します

  4. モバゲー says:


  5. 高松宮記念の最新予想!オッズ、厳選買い目は?!レースの鍵を握る馬は裏情報を特別公開

  6. 聖なる場所スタービーチで愛を育てませんか。メル友や恋人、セクフレなど貴方が理想としている関係がスタビでは築けちゃいます。素敵なであいから発展させていきませんか

  7. 競馬予想 says:

    2010 競馬予想 各厩舎・調教師から届けられる最強の馬券情報を限定公開!本物の オッズ 表はコレだ

  8. 友達 says:

    よく「彼氏いるでしょ~?」って言われるけど、イナイよσ(‾^‾)トモダチ集めてホームパーティーなんかしたりするのがマイブームでして♪♪好きな人ができてもハズかしくて告れない…(>_< )しゅりのココロをゲットしてぇ~☆コドモっぽい性格だから年上でお兄ちゃんみたいな人がタイプだよ(*^m^*)

  9. 遂に復活!!スタービーチで素敵なであいをお楽しみ下さい

  10. オナニー says:


  11. モバゲー says:


  12. セレブラブなリッチセレブリティ達のアダルトコミュニティーサイト!お金と時間に優雅なセレブ女性達はアダルトコミュで男性との秘密交際を楽しんでいるのです

  13. 友達 says:

    変わってるって言われるけどわりといい人だよ(笑)!!お笑い好きな人だったら話盛り上がりそうだねO(≧▽≦)O 色んなことに興味深々でおっちょこちょいだからそばで支えてくれる人募集中σ(゜-^*)自分の年齢的に年下の男の子はアウトだからごめんね(*_ _)人

  14. 満を持してのスタービーチ復活劇!!ここから刻まれる、新たな一コマ。スタービーチがあなたの歴史を生み出します

  15. 【緊急】突如として消えたスタービーチが復活!長い年月をかけて不死鳥の如く蘇ったスタビをお楽しみください【緊急】

  16. 最近の不景気は、今一度自分の人生を見直すのに良い時期が来てます。こんな時代だからこそ人生の値段チェッカーで、人生の勝ち組に成る為のアドバイスを貰いませんか?ぱっと思い立った時こそ人生の分かれ道ですよ

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  79. mコミュ says:


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  82. mコミュ says:

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  85. mixi says:


  86. モバゲー says:


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  88. スタビ says:


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  90. モバゲー says:


  91. gree says:


  92. スタビ says:


  93. mコミュ says:


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  96. モバゲー says:

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  97. モバゲー says:


  98. グリー says:

    最近はどこのSNSサイトも規制ばっかりで、ちょっと出 合いに関して書き込みするとアク禁食らうけど、夏休み終盤に差し掛かり色々なサイトを調べた結果、グリーだけはどうも規制が緩んでるみたいです。今がチャンスの時期ですよ

  99. ツイッターで出 合 いを求めるのです。気の合う異性と交流して楽しいひと時をお過ごしください。登録無料で使えるので気軽さは100点満点!

  100. 夏休みももう終わりに近づきこのまま一人は寂しいのちがう?そこでモテる度チェッカーを使い自分がなぜモテないか診断してもらいましょう。10~20代の女性アドバイザーが多数在籍してるので、アドバイスを参考に夏終盤を楽しもう

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