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HAPPY HALLOWEEN from my little pumpkins to yours.

And while we’re showing photos, here are a few from the past few days:

Best friends: Lynn and I, friends since 1967, Ken and Lynn since 1970, Ken and I more recently but it feels like forever. This is on the Danforth after the So True event.

A few nights later, celebrating Eleanor Wachtel chez moi, since Lynn and I missed her triumph at the Writer’s Festival, where the 25 years of her brilliant hosting of CBC’s Writers & Company was feted; she received a standing ovation, well-deserved. Here, she just received dinner. El and I go back to the mid-70’s in Vancouver. Old old friends – the greatest of gifts.

More gifts: notes from students. This is from Curtis Barlow, arts professional extraordinaire, who read a beautiful essay at So True on Sunday. How articulate can you get?
I want to add my belated but sincere voice to the chorus of accolades congratulating and thanking you for a superb So True event yesterday afternoon. These productions require a great deal of work and passion to succeed, and you should take great pride in having produced an outstanding event. It was well-organized, well-attended, energetically and eloquently emceed by Jason, and powerfully concluded with your beautiful, funny and moving presentation. And not to be forgotten, as I listened to the wonderfully-presented stories, I felt very proud to have been included in this outstanding group of committed and gifted writers. Thank you for your leadership, hard work and inspiration. 

And this from Mary diFrancesco, who read a stunning piece about 9/11:

Thank you Beth for helping us to tell the best version of our stories, to speak the truth out loud and with courage and to dig deeply to the place where we see our truest reflections. 
My family was moved to much laughter, tears and gratitude along with great discussion after being privy to your stories, and I was so proud to be connected with you all. Jason, your warmth is such a gift, and I appreciate you representing us so beautifully.
Lynn told me she was extremely dubious about So True – an afternoon of people yammering about their personal woes sounded dreadful to her. But afterwards, the word she used was “perfect.” “It was perfect,” she said, “the stories themselves, the way they were told, the diversity, the pace – everything.” My friend may have been born in Canada, but she has lived in hyper-critical France since 1970 and she’s an academic; the word ‘perfect’ does not often cross her lips. I am honoured.

And finally, from a current student who sent this out to everyone after class last week: 
Hello all — I’ll write this now, while my heart and soul feel filled to overflowing, and not wait till later in the week when crap may possibly happen and the mood will sink lower and lower.

Thank you all for your inspiring stories today! Shit – you are all one wonderful group of strong women! Am so glad to have met all of you and grateful to share all your stories. Your memories, EVERY one of them, moved me in lots of different ways. I left just feeling — well, inspired. Thank you for that, it’s been ages since I’ve felt so positive and you all helped me feel that way.

And on that note, dear friends, I’m going to hide until Halloween is over. 



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