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This was the menu for my birthday dinner yesterday, prepared by the master chef, my son: hors d’oeuvres included tomato/mozzarella/basil rounds, to be eaten with the fingers. For the main course, all from St. Lawrence Market to be cooked on the barbecue – except the green salad and the cucumber salad (my own cukes!) made by me – and sprinkled with my very own garlic: marinated arctic char and salmon, and shish kebabs. Grilled corn, grilled peaches, grilled fingerling potatoes, grilled green beans served with goat cheese, grilled mushrooms, and grilled zucchini. I think that’s all, but there may be more, I can’t remember, it’s a blur.

An hour before guests were due, I was frantic – people would soon be here and nothing was ready except the salads I’d made. All the food had been prepped by my staff:

it was sitting in packages of tinfoil, marked, on the kitchen counter and the chef was sitting with Wayson watching Game of Thrones. “Ma,” he said patiently, “I know what I’m doing, it’ll all be ready in time.” And it was, all of it, even the fish that barely needed to be cooked, and the corn and potatoes that needed a lot of time, it all appeared at once and was perfect.

The day was beautiful and hot, and I had got the 3 tables all ready and set outside.

Then it started to pour so we moved everything inside, and then it got hot and beautiful again and we moved back. Old and dear friends appeared, and family, and we drank a lot of rosé and beer and ate a lot:

and enjoyed watching the little boys. Ben was delighted with everything, pointing ecstatically as the solar lights flickered on at dusk. How blessed I felt.

Today, in Carol’s class at the Y, she announced it was my birthday and every time the exercise was particularly hard, she said it was specially for my big day. She herself will be 70 next year and looks 50. A true inspiration. How I love the Y, which feels like another family.

It’s incredibly hot and Sam and I are both exhausted and hungover, so not much is happening today. He’s watching last week’s John Oliver in the living-room, and I’m waiting for today’s thunderstorm to begin. But I have to tell you this: I went to the end of the garden to work this morning and found a new beginning for the memoir. I know, you’ve heard this before. Have faith in this ancient, lucky 67-year old crone: she’ll get there.



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