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“The Dead Husband Project”

I’m not in a good frame of mind these days, so will not bore you here for long. The world is dire, and I’m giving up on human nature, at least for now, as we

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Magnetic Fields: 50 song memoir

Everybody on earth sent me the Macca video – thanks to you all, dear friends, for thinking of me! Chris from Gabriola brought me great joy when he wrote, “I’ve never cared much about the

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pictures for children in cages in Texas

Anna is hosting a group of kids at her house this dark, rainy morning. She told them what is happening to children just like them at the U.S. southern border, the cages and separation from

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Carpool karaoke with Macca

Weeping with joy. So jealous of those lucky people who were there. Check out the size of the rooms in his childhood home! Love love love.

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Burning Doors – Belarus Free Theatre

8 a.m. and the sweet garden air wafting into the kitchen makes me swoon. The whole city, as I bike around, smells like jasmine. Beautiful days, sunny but not too hot with a cool breeze.

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Write in the Garden July 22

Out of the blue, received the most wonderful email from a young student reading the 60’s memoir. Must share. I just began All My Loving this evening and had to stop to write to you

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one of those days, including the police

A writer friend said recently, if you posted fewer blogs, Beth, you might get more of your own writing done. Amazing how sensible people can be when they’re not you. She’s right. So I am

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Paul Simon: bravo

First, I gather from some of you, who used to automatically receive this blog in your email inbox when I post, that the link no longer works. Not sure why that is; another of life’s

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death on Bloor Street

A horrifying experience today – at noon, I was cycling merrily along Bloor Street on my way to U of T, congratulating the city on the newish bike lanes there, when, only a few hundreds

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I awoke early this morning, saying to myself, Maybe it was all a dream, or a nightmare, not real at all. But no – there it is on the front page of the Star –

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