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A joyful NYEve to you all

It’s like an early spring day here – mild, no snow. Meanwhile my friends in BC are shivering in the deep freeze and buried in the white stuff. Get used to it, folks; our planet is in turmoil. I watched a doc about the climate crisis, showing what the decimation of the forests and the melting of permafrost means, and was in despair. We are marching toward catastrophe. What else can I do to help? Next morning, instead of turning up my thermostat, I wrapped myself in a shawl. I will try to avoid anything with unnecessary packaging. I know, these are minuscule, pathetic gestures against vast industries spewing poison into the air and water, governments that only care about the next election, billions of consumers desperate to buy more stuff. I guess we just have to do what we can. Get involved. Vote. 

On a cheerier note, I also watched another terrific episode of Bleak House from the BBC and a doc called The Super Bob Einstein Show, about the comedian, which was hilarious. 

Annie and Ruth are coming for dinner. I’ve often spent NYEve alone but am happy to spend it with dear friends. After our potluck meal we might watch Don’t Look Up, which has had very mixed reviews but has a fabulous cast and an important topic. Or maybe we’ll have too much to say to each other.

I did both Gina’s line-dancing and Nicky’s dance party this morning, so I’m better, as perhaps you can tell. Sam is still really sick, but he thinks it’s stomach flu. Everyone fine at Anna’s house, so far, though they’re dropping like flies everywhere. But far fewer hospitalizations with Omicron, which is a huge relief.

The best thing, though, the brightest hope for the new year in my life is that three nights ago, I lay pondering at 4 a.m. as is my wont, when a scene popped into my head, the opening scene of the next book (or long article, not sure which.) I’ve tried many times, for years, to figure out a way into this story, and now, with that one vision, I think I have it – it’s given me a start and a tone, a voice. We’ll see; it’s early days yet. But I’m happy to have finally embarked on this project. More details when it’s a little more solid.

And another nice thing: I replied to the woman who wrote from Virginia to tell me she’d loved the audiobook and just got another letter back from her, mentioning a penpal she had in childhood. I too had a penpal, and it looks like now I have another. A kindred spirit, like the many blog friends I haven’t met. 

Just heard about Betty White. I’m sad she didn’t make it to a hundred, but what a life!

So much to say, but I need to do a little piano practice, tidy the house for my guests, and make a salad. I am grateful to be here and for much, much more. It has been a brutal year on our planet; how lucky I’ve been. 

I’ve ordered a new book from the library about two of my heroes: The Art of Alice and Martin Provensen. What a blessed couple they were, a long life making art together. I have a number of their books, especially their Fireside Book of Folk Songs, from my childhood; Mum used to play from it all the time. Why don’t I get it out and have a try? It’ll be painful – but what the hell.

May your 2022 be happy and healthy and creative. Sending love to you all, from my heart, here, to wherever yours is. 

The cardinal on my deck. Blessings.



5 Responses to “A joyful NYEve to you all”

  1. Happy new year to you too. I'm spending a quiet evening at home. I have just now finished watching NOMADLAND. It blew me away. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

  2. beth says:

    It must be late there, Juliet. Thanks for the tip. Yes, I did watch it and liked it a lot. Hope you have a great year.

  3. theresa says:

    We have so many Provensen books and I think my favourite might be the one about their farm. A rambling introduction to cats, horses, dogs, graves (because generations…), and just so wonderful. Do you know A Visit to William Blake's Inn? Nancy Willard's poems (not just for children; they are very memorable for parents and grandparents too), illustrated by the Provensens. Gorgeous. Happy New Year to you. We will have a small celebration here, with nice food and Prosecco, but will probably not last until midnight. Never mind. It will be 2022 when we wake. Bless us, every one.

  4. Another quiet NYE for me but I like quiet. I did watch Don't Look Up and I really enjoyed it. Happy, healthy new year to you Beth.

  5. beth says:

    Dear friends, yes, we feasted and then watched Don't Look Up, which is apocalyptic and yet very funny and yet horrifying. And yet funny. My favourite Mark Rylance kills it as always. It's now 11.36 so the question is – will I bother to wait?

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