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note to readers from Andy White and me

My new friend Peter, publisher of the “Parliament Street News,” is trying to fix the response mechanism on this blog, so that you and I can be in touch. He thinks the problem may have something to do with certain kinds of browsers out there attempting contact. Because some can, and some can’t. Anyway, give it a try and let me know, by email if necessary, if it doesn’t work. Would you?

In the meantime, on this glorious day, I just bought myself a treat, a few more rudbeckia and echinacea.  One can never have too many black-eyed susans in a garden, I think. It’s quiet, even though it’s a work day, and just hot enough. How lucky we are.

Here’s a link sent by my friend Chris – one of my favourite writers in the world, E. B. or Andy White, talking with his customary dry wit about one of my favourite books in the world, Charlotte’s Web – a book about a writer.

 PS As if life isn’t hard, sad and random enough – the story from New Brunswick about two little boys, brothers, being strangled by a python – what are the chances? Can you imagine? Dear God, I cannot.

And here’s a reply from Carole in England, who asked me to post it as she can’t yet herself.

Broadchurch is compulsive viewing…..full of red herrings,plausible suspects and great acting from David Tenant et al; see if you can guess whodunit, I was way off. Have you watched any of The Killing, a Danish detective drama, shown over here with subtitles? Also extremely compulsive and recommended.

Sympathise with the aching babysitting bones, I’ve had a gammy hip from lugging 16 pound twins about…just recovering now. Motherhood is definitely meant for the young. I keep thinking about the sixty year old woman who had a baby through IVF and my bones shudder. Wonder how she’s coping?! Being a grandma is a delight though…all the hugs, kisses, joy, unconditional love and none of the sleepless nights, can’t beat it.

I also whiled away an amazing amount of time on YouTube watching Paul McCartney after I found the Birthday song, a whole spectrum of Pauls across the years, great to see and hear.

Agree, the Jo Ann Beard piece is beautifully written, found it very painful and sad. 



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