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the cold wins

Full-on sick today, folks, with a raspy voice and headache. By the most amazing coincidence – NOT – this is the first Tuesday in months that I do not have a class, as my Tuesday

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a few of my favourite things (see post below)

Another rosebush that has suddenly discovered the pleasures of actually blooming. New shoe on the right. Old shoe, that suddenly is extremely fashionable, on the left. After years of pressing my nose against the window

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afternoon in Toronto, “Midnight in Paris”

Yesterday’s feast of pleasures: a mild grey-ish day, thank heaven, so it was possible to get things done without the siren call of sunshine luring me hither. The roses more sublime than ever. I remember

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today’s show and tell

This is the dinner my son left last night in the fridge for me – salmon in an apricot salsa on crispy noodles with asparagus, tomatoes and pearl onions. Mmmmm. These are a few of

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I stand corrected

I have received a stern message from friend Chris, bicyclist extraordinaire, about helmets, plus a vital spelling correction of my last post. His blog is It is your choice whether or not to wear

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on heads and hair

I’m sick! How did THAT happen? A summer cold hit suddenly, before I could fight it off. And now, on this lovely night, I’m aching and tired. I don’t believe in getting sick, but this

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singing the heart out

Be prepared – here come more tedious cries of rapture. It’s Sunday morning, a perfect June day. After the May from hell, we have had a heavenly June, fresh mornings and evenings, hot days but

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“Just like her”

Yesterday I ran into a former student – literally, as it was Wednesday and so I was running behind Carol, as usual, but outside rather than around the gym. Sometimes Carol takes her class around

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what I bought and what bloomed etc.

A garden peony – as pretty as can be A Cabbagetown house, around the corner, with a spectacular front garden – Monet would approve La dame aux out of focus camellias What I bought second-hand

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business news

I’ve been asked to be one of the judges of a creative non-fiction writing competition. The newspaper “Good Times Toronto” is running a contest, asking for true life essays on the subject “An encounter that

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