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Les gilets jaunes

Saturday afternoon is when the demonstrations take place throughout France. Apparently, today the big one was in Avignon. The one in Montpellier was much smaller than when this all started, Lynn told me. What I

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marketing with Madame Blin

A typical humble little Montpellier abode. (click to enlarge) Lynn is standing in line for cheese. I said to Lynn, this is the pinnacle of French civilization. Behind this woman, on the top row, are

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Montpellier report, a mess at home

6.15 a.m. and your faithful correspondent is in bed in a small hotel room in Montpellier, after a delicious 8-hour sleep. To deal with jet lag, I try to stay up as long as possible

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hasta la vista

This is the last thing I’ll do on this computer today, I think. It’s 2 p.m. Thursday March 28, and in about 20 minutes, I’ll leave for Anna’s across town, for a farewell dinner with

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speeding toward the finish line

Crossing things off the list. Today, after about 5 hours sleep, I: got in touch with PEN Canada for the second time about my tax receipt from them, finally got it emailed and printed, got

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NYTimes obituary of Peter B. Kaplan

This is the New York Times’ obituary for my father’s cousin, mine once removed, Peter B. Kaplan. One of the words they use here is “relentless,” and he was – a difficult, noisy man, a

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the countdown

Somewhere out there, in the blur of the outside world, I gather that the Mueller report did not deliver what we’d hoped it would – viz, send the damnable crook to prison for life. But

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Getting there, with pictures

Perky is back! Good sleep on the third floor, bounced out of bed and began to sort and clean. Yes, lots and lots to do, overwhelming sometimes, because the morass here also points out just

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