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Obama = heartthrob city

Friend Margaret called from Vancouver with early birthday greetings – the big day is Monday, no no, please, absolutely no telegrams or gifts – well, if you insist, a nice bottle of rosé never goes amiss – and told me she is watching the Democratic convention because of reading my blog. One by one, I’ll turn you all into television-watching political junkies! Hooray!

Speaking of which – last night at the Dem. convention, again, what a phenomenal line-up. I missed a few at the start, but was enthralled by Tim Kaine, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg and then – introduced by a marvellous elderly woman who lost a son in Afghanistan and was inspired by Obama to move onward and upward with her life – the most beautiful man on the planet, POTUS. Kaine charming, Biden impassioned, Bloomberg hilariously dry – one of the best lines of the night, about Trump – “I’m a New Yorker and New Yorkers know a con when we see one!” Let’s vote for someone sane and competent, he said, and immediately on the internet an image appeared of Hillary with SANE underneath. Imagine, being sane is now a key qualification for President of the United States. Sane and Kaine, that’s the Dem’s ticket.

Obama was simply superb – physically so beautiful, graceful, his face warm and alive as he pleaded the opposite of the Republican story, that America is a kind, generous, open place full of decent hard-working welcoming people. The truth I’m sure is somewhere between his rosy vision and the grotesque hell of job loss, poverty and paralyzing fear portrayed in Cleveland. But after 3 nights, I can assert that American oratory is in great shape and second to none.

Cousin Peter B. Kaplan, who’s famous as a photographer of the Statue of Liberty, was paid for the use of one of his iconic images in a video about Hillary. In the end, though it’s a stirring feminist film narrated by Meryl Streep, they didn’t use it, but Peter sent it out to family so we could see the film and his Lady of Liberty (just before the 10 minute mark), and through the email link I found out that our mutual cousin Robert is actually there, at the convention in Philadelphia. So tonight, as Hillary speaks, I’ll be scanning the crowd for Cousin Robert.

A heavenly day – hot but not overwhelmingly so, the garden fresh after a nighttime rain. And more than ever, I count my blessings. The other day I went to visit a dear friend, a vigorous writer and editor who was stricken a few years ago with ALS and is now in a power wheelchair, her mind as strong as ever, her body wasting away. There’s news that the Ice Bucket Challenge has produced significant results for those with ALS. Quick, guys. There’s no time to waste.



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