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Friends are sending such kind messages about my essay on CBC’s The Sunday Edition this morning. I was in Ottawa, listening with Auntie Do, who’s heard me spouting off on radio many time before, though not recently. My daughter and her famous son (mentioned in the piece) were listening at my brother’s house in Chelsea, Quebec, but Eli started howling just as it began and continued throughout; they didn’t hear a thing. I hope not a specific commentary on my talents as writer/ reader. 

Here, if I may boast, are a few nice words:
Lani: It’s like you took your book and squished it down into 5 minutes!  It was funny and touching and sad and everything in between.  

Chris: It was so evocative in word and sound. I loved “by the time the song ended, I was a teenager…”. All of us who had our rites of passage in those years can feel and hear what you so beautifully communicate here. It was much more wistful and thoughtful than I was expecting; just perfect.

Nancy: Your story was poignant, powerful, funny, and evocative.  We wanted more.

Terry: … sounded terrific on the radio today, Mrs. McCartney!

To all of you and to the others who wrote and called – thank you all again.

This is a link to today’s program. You can’t just link to the essay, but it says that my piece, Loving the Beatles, appears at 59:28, so I assume you can fast-forward through the rest, if the mood strikes. 

Cellphone addiction; Socks for the homeless; Colm Feore on Lear; Muqtida Mansoor; Mail Pete Seeger; Loving The Beatles; Mail Traffic Safety; The Science of Hope and Optimism

8.15 p.m. And now I’m watching the TV special – Paul and Ringo in the front row, like royalty. Will I ever be able to listen to this music without weeping? 



3 Responses to “Link to the Sunday Edition”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So disappointed Beth because I can't download the link to your broadcast; delighted it has been so well received but miffed I cannot hear it!! Carole

  2. Anonymous says:

    PS Will keep trying C

  3. beth says:

    Carole, now you can read it. You'll just have to miss my dulcet tones.

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