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Hooray for Malala

Joyful news – Malala wins the Nobel Peace Prize, the youngest person ever. A true heroine, humble and brave. Brava.

Grotesque news – the Palin family were involved in a disgusting street brawl in Alaska. Can you imagine naming a baby boy Track? No wonder he’s a drunken idiot. Let us remember that this woman ran as Vice-President of the most powerful country on earth. Chills.

Alaska police release details of drunken brawl involving Palin family

When Officers Justin Blake and John Daily arrived, Palin’s eldest son Track – who had blood around his mouth and on his hands, appeared to …

An idea: let’s get them together with Toronto’s Ford family. Let’s send the Fords to Alaska to party with the Palins. Sounds like they’d have a swell time together.

I had a complaint today from a dear friend – no blog post since Tuesday, what’s going on? Sorry, faithful readers! Busy busy. On Wednesday I went, of course, to Carole’s class at the Y and stumbled around, then west to visit my daughter and her son whom I haven’t seen for weeks – toilet training is in full gear, and Eli is determined to stick it to his mother by depositing his fecal material wherever he damn well chooses. Oh my it’s sweet – payback time, I murmur to myself, remembering countless battles with my strong-willed daughter, watching her battle her strong-willed son. “Eli, where does the poo go? WHERE DOES THE POO GO?”

Payback time.

And then to the GO train, out to Clarkson in Mississauga to the gorgeous vast home of my student Maggie, who got her book club to read my memoir and brought me in to speak about it. I sat in a leather chair by the fire, drinking a fine wine and nibbling on canapés, as I discussed writing and being a writer and this book in particular. The 12 women were keen, they’d read closely and had interesting things to say, it was very enjoyable. A fascinating experience to hear your own life told back to you by a complete, albeit kind and literate stranger who’s talking in detail about your childhood memories.

On the GO train back, I ran into the end of the hockey game – the Leafs had played the Habs, I only know this because my daughter watches hockey. For some incomprehensible reason, both my kids are sports fans. How did that happen? The train filled with disgruntled Leafs fans – I found out the game was tied until the last few seconds when the Habs suddenly scored. Downtown was a zoo, thousands roaming in the rain in jerseys and hats and noisemakers. I was glad, once again, to get home.

All that was on October 8th, my mother’s birthday. She would have been 91 and was much in my thoughts.

Thursday busy all day. Friday also. Oh yes – that was today. I met with a wonderful young woman called Michelle Melski who’s a book publicist, who understands things like Goodreads and what you have to do to interest readers. So I’ve handed it all to her, for now.

It’s getting cold.



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