This lovely hot summer is over, my friends. Time for apples and wool. Love both.

Here’s what’s happening here:

1. Article: I used to write a lot for the Globe and Mail. Now I’m back with a personal essay.

2. Podcast: My free podcast about writing memoir is here! The first two episodes of True to LIfe: Talking about Memoir, a step-by-step guide to writing your own memoir and a summary of my course, are on this site under Podcasts, above. Please let me know what you think. The next ones will follow week by week.

3. Teaching: My U of T course, Life Stories I, to start mid-October, is already full. Those of you who’ve taken my course before are eligible to take Life Stories II in January.

4. More articles: Another essay will be out soon online on the Brevity Blog, and a third has been accepted to appear in the classy Canlit mag Queen’s Quarterly next year.

5. Interviews: I was interviewed by the Globe for an article on, guess what, writing memoir. There are a few minor mistakes – Finding the Jewish Shakespeare is not a memoir, for example – but otherwise, a solid article. After this appeared, I was asked by the CBC to answer questions about memoir on their national syndicated afternoon programs, seven of them, from Victoria to Thunder Bay.

6. Videos: Here’s a half-hour interview with Traci Skuce about — guess what again? — memoir, part of a week-long series of master classes on Zoom.

7. Publications: “Correspondence,” an essay that matters as deeply to me as anything I’ve ever written, came out in the spring issue of Queen’s Quarterly. They produced it beautifully; seeing it in print made me cry. It’s reprinted on my blog on May 17.

“Secret,” another haunting story I’ve been working on for years, has just appeared in, an online nonfiction magazine.

The compilation of my essays, published and unpublished — a 64,000 word manuscript — is out looking for a publisher.

8. The Beatles are much in the news lately because of Macca’s eightieth birthday – incredible! – and his fabulous headline set at Glastonbury in England. What a guy. Plus there’s the fabulous documentary Get Back.

My first memoir, All My Loving: coming of age with Paul McCartney in Paris, tells what it was like to grow up in the sixties with Beatlemania and my crazy family. I guarantee it’ll make you laugh and take you back, and bring the era to life for anyone unlucky enough not to have been there.

 9. Audiobook: A woman in Virginia listened to the audiobook of Loose Woman read by my humble self and mailed me a note: I loved it all… Your writing is musical, so a pleasure to hear. Thank you!

The audiobook was picked up by Barnes & Noble for its NOOK app. It’s also available at Audible and Findaway Voices. The print and e-book can be ordered from your local bookstore, such as Ben McNally Books, and of course from you know where.

10. Book clubs: Last fall I was a guest at three local bookclubs. Afterwards, one book club member, Heather Crosbie, wrote: If you’re in a book club, I recommend inviting Beth to join you. You’ll meet a woman who’s full of life, funny, painfully honest, and reflective. You’ll find yourselves laughing and crying as you share your own stories as well as dig deeper into Beth’s.

 Thank you, Heather. If you’d like me to join your book club for a frank and lively discussion, please get in touch.

11. AwardsLoose Woman was one of three finalists out of 80 non-fiction books for the Whistler Independent Book Award, sponsored by the Writers’ Union of Canada. 

 12. More Video: Here’s a fun Zoom video made by two not so old guys who asked to interview me about Loose Woman and the life of a writer. Everything you ever wanted to know and more…


Announcing my new memoir: Loose Woman: my odyssey from lost to found. Now also available as an audiobook, read by the author.

LW Cover

In 1979, Canadian actor Beth Kaplan surprised herself by agreeing to live and work for four months in a community of intellectually disabled men in Provence. Her memoir Loose Woman, an intimate, sometimes hilarious tale with an unforgettable cast of characters, tells of her astonishing transformation from sexually adventurous, quasi-alcoholic actor into a resolute young woman embarking on a brand-new life.


“I loved reading this hugely enjoyable book, page turning and honest. And it’s funny! Any woman torn between motherhood and career will identify with this.” DAME HARRIET WALTER

“An amazing journey of the self. The writing is a joy, full of insight and humour. A beautiful, heartbreaking/heart-mending story.” SUZETTE COUTURE, screenwriter and producer

“Compulsive reading with very funny moments. Highly readable, entertaining, very moving.” ALAN STRATTON, multi-prize-winning author

“How very much to admire in these pages from a writer of such ability, who recreates ordinary moments from her experience with exacting clarity, ease and grace.” WAYSON CHOY, multi-prize-winning author

The print book can be ordered by your local bookstore, like Ben McNally or Chapters/Indigo, which will in turn order it from the distributor Ingram. Or: order your copy here.

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True to Life: 50 steps to help you tell your story by Beth Kaplan

True To Life
50 steps to help
you tell your story


All My Loving

All my Loving
Coming of Age with
Paul McCartney in Paris

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