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first world problems and bad bad John Tory

Had one of those days when the world seemed intent on defeating a hapless city woman just trying to get by. The roofers arrived to do $2000 worth of roofing because the crook who repaired the roof not long ago did it so poorly, the tiles were falling off. He also took a $250 deposit for materials and vanished. If you ever hear of Luke’s Roofing, please let me know.

Then, a lengthy battle with Home Depot about my washing machine, which was supposed to be delivered tomorrow, so I’d cleared the day to wait for it. When I called to confirm – no, not tomorrow, probably not Friday, maybe next week. I hit the roof. A long call with Rogers about my cable bill and home phone and what’s wrong with the TV which shows a “Loading …” notice on the screen every few days when it’s loading nothing. A call to a dermatologist about the red blotches on my face. My iPhone decided on an upgrade and then was all different and confusing. My plants are inside because it’s cold out and I haven’t had a chance to take them back out to wash the pots and prune them, so there are plants in the way everywhere. The basement is nearly inaccessible with the old washing machine disconnected and laundry in baskets everywhere. It’s really cold. Brucie left. I did Carole’s class at the Y and I was at the end of the line, as always, and everything hurt.

The world was one giant PHOOEY.

And then, first, my dear friend John came over to do some work; he spent the morning washing and sanding and oiling the butcher block top of the kitchen island, which looks beautiful again.

And then at the Y, I saw again the woman with the bald head and the thinnest body I’ve ever seen, still exercising, still smiling.

And I was ashamed of myself and my first world problems, my whining. What have I got to complain about? Not a fucking thing.

EXCEPT okay one thing – that City Hall is cutting the library budget. The library – one of the most used, most useful amenities in this city! So much for you, mealy-mouthed John Tory. If I had a shred of respect for you ever, it’s gone. And I didn’t anyway, not after the vote to KEEP the Gardiner Expressway East, a hunk of rotting concrete.

Oh dear, she’s still in a bad mood. No, I’m not. Well, maybe a little bit.



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