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Jon’s rally YAY!

My dear Jon Stewart, I love you even more, if that’s possible, after hearing you try to sing during your rally today. It was painful, yes – but you said so yourself afterwards, and apologized.

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great finds

This is the kind of thing that gladdens the heart of this old rag picker … Last month at my local second-hand store, Doubletake, I found a nice long Jones New York sweater in maroon,

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Alice and Beethoven

Mon dieu, today I can’t stop sharing with you every single interesting thing that comes my way. This is sublime – a stunningly moving 12 minute film about a joyful musician, aged 106. Makes you

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Jon Stewart’s rally, Toronto branch

From the website of Democrats Abroad: On the September 16 episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart announced his “Rally to Restore Sanity,”scheduled for October 30, 12 noon – 3 p.m., at National Mall in

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transcript of CBC interview with our new mayor

This is an actual transcript of Rob Ford, whose campaign manager had requested this interview, talking to the national radio program “As It Happens” the evening of his election. Carol Off: Mr. Ford, congratulations… Rob

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If I need something to cheer me up on this gloomy Friday, I’ll just look at this – one of my memoir classes (with a few missing.) The picture was taken for a student who

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Listen to the idiot, in case you wondered

Waaay worse than I’d thought possible. Listen to the podcast below, my Toronto friends – our new mayor being interviewed by the As it Happens team, who’d been requested to speak to him. He is

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Ford and depression

There are many unhappy Torontonians today, at least in my neck of the woods; I presume they’re happy about him in some godforsaken part of the city. (Sorry, Laurel, but even though you live out

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facing the moron

I slept badly and opened the morning papers with dread. Sure enough, there he is, vowing to cut everything in sight. I can feel libraries, social programs, public transit, all good things battening the hatches,

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this hideous election

Don’t talk to me right now, okay? The unimaginable has happened – a beefy-faced small-minded red-neck (what other hyphenated words can I think of?) idiot bully is now the mayor of Toronto. Unbelievable. “The revenge

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