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Sunny Sunday on the Toronto islands

Sunday suppertime, after a wonderful day… Penny and I were out the door on our bikes at 9.05 a.m. to make the 9.30 ferry to the islands. Ran into a roadblock – they were filming

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kill the tension music

I have very few secrets from you. Okay, a few. But I was not shy about telling you a few days ago that I’d had a mammogram; I have them every year as a high-risk

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Summer is the time for renewing friendships; my newest best friend Penny is flying in from Sheffield tomorrow, and yesterday, I saw my oldest best friend Ron. Ron spent his entire school career at the

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I have a personal connection to the mind-numbing horror unfolding in Norway, beyond the fact that the madman actually mentioned Ryerson University in his ramblings, as a centre of Muslim domination. But also, the young

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sublime sweet Sunday

Sunday morning, in a state of extreme bliss – the heat has broken, the rain has left the air fresh and new, there’s a sweet breeze, and it smells so delicious out there – of

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summer miscellaneous

Backhoe in the front yard, and after- lots of water Bicycle protest – a thousand bikers gather to ride down Jarvis Street to protest the cancellation of the bike lanes At last, the black-eyed susans

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my new love

I’m writing on an extremely beautiful piece of machinery – my brand-new MacBook Pro. Happy Birthday to me! Oh the tidy patter of these crisp black keys, the lustrous glow of the shiny aluminum body

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This brutal, sweltering day was about survival. When I checked on-line at one point, it was 36 degrees, feeling, with the humidity, like 48. That’s 48 degrees. Record-breaking – the hottest Toronto has ever been.

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water power

We’re in the middle of a brutal heatwave – apparently it might go up to 35 tomorrow, with humidity making it feel like 40. I leave my air conditioner off as long as possible, just

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