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The first adventure of summer 2017 – a trip to Ottawa with Anna and her sons, to visit 97-year old Auntie Do, who still lives alone, and my brother Mike and his son Jake. We flew, as this is the last time Ben flies for free – he’s 2 in a few weeks. It’s a marvel to arrive in Ottawa less than an hour after departure, instead of a 4 or 5 hour slog on the highway or on the train.

The day was hot and gorgeous; thunderstorms predicted for Friday so we made the best of it, a picnic in Britannia Park to let the boys blow off steam, a visit with Do to show off Eli’s artwork from school, then out to Chelsea in the Gatineau where my brother lives. We went to the Gatineau Yacht Club, a wonderful place in the woods where people keep, not yachts, but small sailboats; Mike has one, largely for sitting and drinking beer in, I gather. A swim in the cold Gatineau River refreshed us all, though Ben was less than thrilled. Eli followed 10-year old Jake around, and Ben did his best to throw everything overboard. We got a bit sunburned. Then back to Mike’s for our usual dinner there – hot and cold smoked salmon, since that’s his business.

I drove back to Britannia at night, to the airbnb I rent near Do’s. The usual way was closed for the Ottawa Blues Fest – the music was LOUD, young crowds pouring in, not like staid Ottawa at all.

Ben on the plane – banana bread from Mr. Porter.

Eli shows his artwork to Auntie Do. A serious discussion ensues, despite the 92-year age gap between them.

Ye olde swimming ole in the Gatineau – Jake about to jump off that rock. O Canada.

Today, thunder predicted. Anna is in the Gatineau hoping the rain holds off, and I’m on my way to spend the day with Do. Hoping, as always, for her genes.



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  1. theresa says:

    We went to Britannia Park on Monday so the males of the family could swim and cavort in the water. (I didn't bring my suit!) A lovely green place.

  2. beth says:

    One day we'll actually meet, Theresa, rather than shadowing each other through life!

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