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thoughts about writing, writing about thoughts

Important message for today, my writing friends: W*yson was just over for supper, and we were discussing his on-going struggle with the new manuscript. He has been slaving, going backward and forward and ripping it

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Marilyn Monroe and Maf her dog

I’m on my way, in the snow, to return two library books: the moving “Cigar Box Banjo,” by Paul Quarrington, and the astonishing “The life and opinions of Maf the dog and his friend Marilyn

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The first snowfall of the season. I sit in my dressing-gown watching the garden turn white, the flakes, lashed by the wind, teeming down from an aluminum sky. What a show, and the crabby cat

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John and Paul, again

November 26th – my father’s birthday; he would have been 88. He was 65 when he died of stomach cancer, just 5 years older than I am now, but I don’t have trouble imagining him

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Stephen King on J. K. Rowling and adverbs

A treat today: a handwritten 2003 review by Stephen King of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” See the explanation below and don’t miss reading King’s work – beautifully written, warm

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The Social Network

For the first time, as I started this post, I thought, Who are you, you boring old bag, to blather on? What the hell new do you have to say? I’ve just seen “The Social

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a tiny bit of snow

Last night, what a treat – Marilyn took me to the ballet. “Everything/was beautiful/at the ballet,” goes the song from “Chorus Line,” and it couldn’t have been more beautiful, this production of “Cinderella,” with music

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the lady and the playwright

It’s dark by 5 p.m. now, as winter sidles in. I think of the pioneer peoples in log cabins – how did they survive month after month of snow and wind and vicious cold? Nothing

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baby musicians

I photographed this on the wall of the John Lennon exhibit at the Museum of Radio and Television – the first photo of the Fab Four together. Children.

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a few NYC shots

Broadway is closed at Times Square, and you can sit at the tables or on the red staircase. At night, the view of the crowds and lights from the top of the staircase is spectacular.

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