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Write in the Garden, #2

WRITE IN THE GARDEN A one-day writing workshop to give you inspiration, structure and support, whether you have lots of writing experience or none.   Spend a day learning to trust your voice and your

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a beautiful story

Summer!  It feels real.  We’ll have two perfect days of blue skies and whispering trees, and then everyone will scream about the humidity.  Canadians and weather: a love/hate story. You’ll be happy to know that

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tension schmension

And yes, she did speak too soon, folks, the pessimistic writer.  I showed some of those brave new pages to my friend and critic, wise, stern Wayson Choy.  And he came right back at me.

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My Newfoundland friend Debbie called this month Junuary.  Definitely an odd late spring, with already a few days of muggy breathless heat, followed by days so cold I wanted to get my wool hat back

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great U of T course, July 7 to 11

Writers, Continuing Studies at the U of T is running a summer writing program July 7 to 11, and there is some space left in my section.  It’s a course entitled Narrative Non-fiction, which covers

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the Garden of Cabbagetown

Here is the famous garden.  Please contact me through the Contact page or this blog if you’d like more information or have suggestions on the workshops. One former student would like to attend but is

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Go and see “Black Watch”.

I’ve just returned from seeing “Black Watch,” the National Theatre of Scotland play about a Scottish regiment serving in Iraq that’s here thanks to Luminato.  And all I can say is, anyone who is in

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Good will

My friends, it’s a sad blow.  A shock.  How could a place so vibrant and useful just vanish?  But that is what is happening, step by painful step.  It is being dismantled, and today, when

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I’m sorry to say that MacZine is behaving strangely again – this time, shutting down at odd times, which nice young Chris from Apple told me over the phone was a “colonel panic” – at

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