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Midlife Solo audiobook recording finished

Overjoyed to tell you that today my young tech assistant Patrick and I finished recording the audiobook of Midlife Solo, blasting through the last 70 pages in 2 1/2 hours. We finished the whole thing in record time, in fact, but still, it was a long, tiring process, especially today, because my cold has lingered in my throat and my voice was gravelly. So I was at my most neurotic, doing vocal exercises all morning, quaffing honey tea and sucking lozenges … but we did it. Patrick needs to edit, there may be do-overs, corrections, we need to make sure it’s all there, and then we submit to Audible and maybe another site or two. And then fame and glory and vast wealth will be mine.

Mwa ha ha!

Patrick turned 22 yesterday. Can we remember 22, friends? Barely. He was listening to me read a piece about the ravages of age, the splotches and crevices in my face, the facial hair, the creaks in the joints, and had the nerve to complain that he too is feeling old.

I didn’t hit him.

Hard at work.

The book is still only available in print form at Ben McNally and Mosaic Press; I checked Amazon in France, incidentally, which announced cheerfully that the print book would be delivered sometime between May and September. Wow, they’re really on the case. Sigh. But hooray, the ebook is out at both Indigo, for Kobo, and Amazon, for Kindle. So that’s the good news. I can start to contact book clubs, which operate mostly with ebooks. I’m available to discuss my book, clubs!

More good news: our library is back. The Toronto library system was hacked last year and it has been months since we could put books on hold. How happy I was to be told the hold I placed last summer was available for pickup. How to Stand up to a Dictator, by Maria Ressa, is riveting.

Sam and Eli came over yesterday – Eli in a spot of trouble at school so not there for the day. Long story. He came over to get help writing an essay for school. The boy is like a creature from another planet to me, he is so closed-mouthed and reticent. His grandmother’s life pours forth in a nonstop torrent, and this boy can barely offer a word for print. Not my genes, obviously. He’s savvy, thoughtful, really good at sports and practical things, figuring things out. Not good at words.

Three of my four favourite males on the streetcar. Ben was sick.

One of my greatest thrills is that recently at night, after I’ve finished reading him another chapter of our story on the phone, I tell him I hope he has a good night’s sleep and a great day at school tomorrow, and that I love him very much. And a very quiet, hesitant voice replies, “I love you.”

As perhaps I have said before – does it get better than that?



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