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Simple Toronto pleasures – my Sunday

 St. Lawrence Market: A MOUNTAIN of kale. I bought a bunch, which now fills my fridge. What to do with it?

The wonderful Merchants of Green Coffee gathering spot and shop, where I buy my beans. This place could have come right out of the Koonenays in 1974.

 Brunch at home, with fresh everything, including comics

The last bouquet from the garden, with the very last tiny rose



6 Responses to “Simple Toronto pleasures – my Sunday”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whoah! That's a lot of kale

  2. theresa says:

    We've been eating a mountain of it most days (garden is maybe too productive!) and I love it best in green pie. (Think spanakopita with kale.) And Portuguese kale, potato, and sausage soup. And thin shredded and added to pasta, on homemade pizza, in Caesar salad. I kind of crave it (like Rapunzel's mum). Your bouquet is lovely!

  3. beth says:

    Yes, that's a whole lotta kale. I've found a recipe for lemon kale with chick peas which calls for TEN CUPS of kale, so we'll give that a try. Thank you Theresa for your suggestions, I'll go to those next. The soup sounds fab. You'll have to tell me about Rapunzel's mum, because I don't know that story. If you eat kale, your daughter will have very long hair?

  4. theresa says:

    Well, in the fairy tale, the woman who is pregnant with Rapunzel has such cravings for a green plant growing in the witch's garden. Some sources say it's ramps (or wild garlic), some say it's rocket, some say cress or lamb's salad or corn salad. When the witch catches the husband stealing greens for his wife, she says the woman can have all she wants but that she must give up the baby to to the witch, who calls her Rapunzel and who raises her in the tower. It's such a powerful story to explain not only the cravings women get in pregnancy (I wanted tomatoes! I wanted peanut butter toast at midnight!) but also the cravings we get for new greens at the end of winter. When I'm away from home, I crave kale — but I have to say that looking out at the huge plants of it in our garden, I am sometimes overwhelmed by it!

  5. Oh, this makes me homesick! I LOVE the St. Lawrence market….Every visit home I go there and/or to the great Sunday morning flea market across the street.

  6. beth says:

    Wish I could share some of my kale with you both – much of it still in my fridge, though I did make crispy kale chips. Healthy if not the most delicious thing ever. The market is wonderful. Come on home!

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