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Macron, rhodos, Ancora: a triumphant day

Skyped with Lynn today in Provence, mid-afternoon her time – she said after the debate between Le Pen and Macron, it was sure who would win. She said Le Pen had managed to convince people she was just an ordinary right-wing politician, but in the debate she spewed hatred and misinformation, and she was ill prepared; it was a debacle for the hideous Front National. They have not gone away, but they were defeated today. Bravo for France. Smarter than the Americans. No surprise there.

It’s the end of a sunny day – the beaches of the West End are packed with people, young and old, having picnics, playing in the sand – a group of young people brought a portable dance floor and were cha cha cha’ing on the grass. I am looking at the water as the sun goes down behind the mountains – two people paddleboarding, skimming across the water, the little boats chugging back in. On a day like today, it’s pure paradise here.

It was the Vancouver Marathon this morning, which goes right by Bruce’s front door – both the half and the full marathon, fronted by the Africans, the human cheetahs who pound by as if just running for the bus instead of finishing many kilometres. And then, behind, the great normal runners, and then the ordinary folk, thousands of them lumbering along. I went down to applaud, and for the rest of the day, the city was full of people wearing marathon medals around their necks. Well deserved medals.

Crazy people. 

Chris and I went for a walk in Stanley Park to see the rhododendrons and azaleas. I have to say that besides the mountains and the ocean, what Vancouver has going for it are those two flower bushes, which we do not get in Ontario. Stunning. And for some reason, there was a big fake moose.

We took a break, I went home to clean and pack, and we met again early evening by the water – Chris brought a half bottle of champagne and glasses, I brought some hummus and crackers, and we had our aperitif sitting on a picnic bench watching the boats in the sunshine. And then we went to Chris’s favourite restaurant – Ancora, again right on the water, serving food that’s a mix of Peruvian and Japanese. Yes. Mostly fish, and sublime. 

Our waitress was so beautiful and kind, I asked her if she wanted to come to Toronto to meet my handsome son. She thought I was joking.
So my friend and I have said goodbye. I came here largely to be with him, one of the most interesting, creative people I have ever known. Going through a tough time right now, but getting better. He sure knows how to have a good time. I will miss him a lot. 
But despite this glorious city and my beloved friend, I will be very glad to be home. 



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