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Andrew Coyne on the case

Not to get all political on your ass, as the kids say, but here is a stunning article by Andrew Coyne – highly respected columnist for the extremely conservative National Post – pointing out in damning detail one day of misdeeds by our current government, finishing:

The point is, this was all in the space of 24 hours. If one were to draw up an indictment of this government’s approach to politics and the public purpose, one might mention its wholesale contempt for Parliament, its disdain for the Charter of Rights and the courts’ role in upholding it, its penchant for secrecy, its chronic deceitfulness, its deepening ethical problems, its insistence on taking, at all times, the lowest, crudest path to its ends, its relentless politicization of everything.
But you’d think you would need to look back over its record over several years to find examples. You wouldn’t think to see them all spread before you in the course of a single day.
National Post
Thank you, Mr. Coyne. Superb.
In other news – well, not much, except that the rest of the garden is growing but the ivy is still dead, and it’s summer in Toronto, people out in tank tops and flip-flops already. I took Eli to the play gym at the Y so his mother could have more than an hour to herself, then we had lunch and went to the Eaton’s Centre to buy Eli his summer shoes, bright red sneakers and blue sandals that light up – how do they do that? The Eaton’s Centre on a warm Saturday afternoon is my idea of hell, but it’s a good place to find children’s shoes. 
On all sides, chattering of birds and neighbours, that’s all. Lynn’s daughter Sarah and her 3 children were flown from Kathmandu to France to get away from the disaster zone for a week – they spent two nights after the earthquake sleeping outside in the rain. The ground under my feet feels as solid as can be – even more solid when journalists like Mr. Coyne are doing their job. Praise be.

(And while on the Post site, I found this wonderful article ripping apart academics who slammed the Beatles. Rock on, brothah!)



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