My new book “Midlife Solo” is now available.

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I have an essay ready to go, a refashioned excerpt from the new memoir about the Summer of Love – 1967, fifty years ago, when the Beatles released Sgt. Pepper and I went to Le

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John Shields’s death in the New York Times

A beautiful day here. Ran into my neighbour Jean-Marc, who had left a New York Times in my mailbox. “The Times is praising Canada again,” he said. “They’re regularly running articles about how we do

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So True next Sunday

Come hear some wonderful stories. A good time guaranteed. Check our website if you’re not sure.

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The Boy in the Moon

At 7.45 Tuesday night I was sitting calmly in my sweats in the kitchen, working, when the phone rang and my friend Annie said, “Beth, where are you?” Suddenly I remembered – I was to

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“I am Heath Ledger”

My garden helpers Dan and Alex came today; Dan has a torn tendon and can mostly just prune and consult, so Alex and I spent 2 1/2 hours weeding, fertilizing, moving stuff around, planting. It’s

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turning five

So, yesterday was Eli’s fifth birthday party, and yes, the expected multitudes did appear: 18 adults and 19 children, almost all boys, under the age of 10. Luckily the sun was out and they rampaged

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King Charles III

We just had two days of full-on summer – 30 degrees feeling like much more – and now it’s going back to a normal springtime. Which is a relief, because I haven’t even had time

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Beth was wrong

Dear bloggees, I was wrong. I am rarely wrong, as you know, usually sublimely right in most every facet of life. But in this vital controversy, I was wrong, and as it often does, it

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The appropriation controversy rages on. Everyone is weighing in, some with helpful calm perspective and some most decidedly not. On a friend’s FB page, someone replied to a comment with this, which is helpful. You

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Writers’ Union of Canada @#$storm

Beautiful days – colder than usual but sunny, green shoots and flowers everywhere. Spring is here, it’s just being shy. Okay, I just KNOW you want me to wade into controversy. Perhaps you’ve been hiding

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I began keeping a journal at the age of nine. Nearly fifty years later, I started this online journal, sharing reflections, reviews, updates, and the occasional secret.

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