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celebrating Joe Biden

The weather has turned, at last, after those miraculous weeks of heat. It’s fall. I turned on my gas fire yesterday and am switching to a warmer coat.

 Where I will spend the next six months.

On Thursday, Anna left her phone on the bus. All her passwords were on her phone; she had no access to her computer or anything else, and we had no access to her. She borrowed a friend’s phone for a few hours and asked me to get the boys after school, as on top of everything a colleague was sick and she’d have to work late. So Sam and Bandit and I did. Only these boys are monosyllabic. “How was school?” “Good.” I tried to engage – managed to find a book that interested them for a bit – 

– the wolf is listening too, the cats were hiding in the bedroom – 

We had take-out pasta for dinner, and then – video games. It made me sad. I sat on the sofa while Ben was in his room and Eli in Anna’s, playing their games.

I understand, they’d had a busy day of school and playing. I could have dragged them into a board game or even watching a movie together but just left them to it. Anna was furious when she got home; they’re not allowed to play video games during the week. 

Our machines are addicting. Phones, computers, video games. On my way home I wanted to tell Anna something and realized – I can’t! No phone. How will we get in touch, how will we talk? Desperate. Luckily, her phone was turned in to the TTC lost and found, and next day, she was texting again. So glad to hear from her. We are all addicted. 

Addicted to watching Elon Musk implode, along with the orange blowhole and the entire Republican party. What a hugely important week for our planet. Has there ever been a politician as underestimated as Joe Biden? A huge weight has been lifted. Democracy survives to fight another day. A semblance of sanity is returning to that country. At least, for now, but perhaps this signals a shift, not a descent further into violence and madness, but a return to something resembling civilization – decency and good sense. Perhaps? 

Bravo, Joe. Thank you. 



4 Responses to “celebrating Joe Biden”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The past week has been so stressful, watching those projected numbers and then the results. But this morning? Better. I agree that Biden has been underestimated. He's one of those decent hardworking guys. Hoping for someone younger next time, though — one generation younger, or two. It's time for them to take this on. Which they have, coming out to campaign, to vote, to make sure the red wave didn't materialize. We need them now to take the country forward.

  2. beth says:

    Gen. Z made a huge difference to this election, many thanks to them. Yes, Joe has done a great job in impossible circumstances, but a younger candidate is needed. Gretchen Whitmer? The fascinating governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, who's Jewish and a married gay man with two children? Amy Klobuchar? Mayor Pete? All terrific.

  3. Anonymous says:

    All good possibilities!

  4. Anonymous says:

    That looks lovely and cozy on that chaise by the firebox! Chris

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