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Sorry about that – my friend Nicole recorded the book launch talk on my phone, I downloaded to iPhoto and am now trying to upload here in the usual way – but for some reason there’s no sound and the clip is two seconds long. I’ll have to find out if there’s another way. Chuck, are you out there?

In the meantime, my brain is back. This afternoon I was at the St. Mike’s Health Clinic to see a doctor about my osteoporosis; the TV was on, of course, and when I sat down to wait, they had a clip about people signing a Get Well card for Rob Ford. A woman was being interviewed. “I hope he gets better,” she said. “He’s doing a good job, that’s the main thing.” I nearly screamed at the television. She looked normal, she was speaking in more or less coherent English, and she thinks he’s doing a GOOD JOB? Who is living in the alternate universe?

When the doctor saw my chart and I answered all her questions – no to allergies, medication, everything (except too much wine per week) – she said, What are you doing here? Good question – how could I have full-on osteoporosis? But I do. I am in the grey zone for fractures – almost high risk but not quite. She wrote a prescription for medication, and now I remember why I disliked it the short time I took it a few years ago. You have to take it on an empty stomach and wait an hour upright before eating anything. So that means you take it as you get out of bed and then wait an hour before breakfast and coffee.

NO @#$ WAY. Let’s try something else.

This is hilarious:
Are You In A Jane Austen Novel?

How to tell if you’re currently in a Jane Austen novel.



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  1. Unknown says:

    Maybe Dr Khalili at the Robert Schad Clinic can be of help… Naturopath! Let me know! BTW I concur. "That's the main thing". Right.

  2. beth says:

    Bernard, this is kind of you. I am not naturopathically inclined, however, being of a sceptical frame of mind even for regular medicine. And yes – Ford still has a 30% approval rating. Who are those people? Their knuckles do not drag on the ground, and yet they approve of Ford. Incomprehensible.

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