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good times

Just in from my third social event of the week – I’ve been out every night, I who rarely go out. Monday night, to a snazzy party with my old friend Ron. I had to

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plugged-in shoes

My daughter is getting her Christmas tree today – it’s November! I usually get mine, reluctantly, a week before the big day. There’s a lot of Bah, Humbug around here, as there is not across

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inspired by Suzuki

“I’ve been waiting for a new post, Miss Lazypants,” wrote my friend Chris. Jeez! Take a few days off from blogging and they’re on your case. Chugging along here. Keeping busy. Went to the symphony

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the King streetcar miracle

Went across town at rush hour yesterday on the King streetcar, which whizzed along like a miracle. Amazing – an enlightened new policy in this town, to make it illegal to drive for more than

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The days are grey, slate grey and cool, my huge maple tree at the front showering yellow leaves, the front path thick with them. It’s still warm enough to ride the bike, but I miss

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Loving Vincent, saying no to Beth

Yesterday I went for a long walk on the Don Valley trail with my old friend Marilyn Biderman, who has made a very successful mid-life career change, from working as a foreign rights manager in

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Remembering Marion

Remembrance – my father who was in the U.S. Army MASH units in the last year of WW2, his brother Edgar a radio operator in the U.S. airforce, my mother in the British Land Army

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a student’s piece for Remembrance Day

A few weeks ago, a student at Ryerson wrote a piece for class about how her father, a veteran, was mistreated on Remembrance Day by a store. Send it to the Globe, I advised, and

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So True’s truths

I’m sure you’ve heard this before – but yesterday felt like a plateau in my life, a place of peace I’ve spent 67 years climbing to, an achievement, yes, to be proud of. So I’ll

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Love is … California Typewriter

Sheer joy – a documentary that brought tears to my eyes and made me laugh out loud several times: California Typewriter, about the weird band of retrograde eccentrics who still use and love and collect

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