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Macca does it again

My friend Margaret just sent me a link to Paul McCartney’s new CD. She knows me well. You must think I do nothing but moon about and cry – but yes, I just listened, misty-eyed, and at one point, I did cry.

With its iffy title Kisses on the Bottom, this CD gives us Paul singing covers of standard old crooners. It’s very moving, at least to someone of my age and my background with this man, to hear that familiar voice doing something so very different, in a whole new register, with a whole new level of humility. On the website below, you can not only hear the whole CD but also read the thoughtful Guardian review and follow the impatient, judgmental critiques of many listeners. Others have done it better, etc.
But you know, Macca at nearly 70 – 70! – is allowing himself to do something he has wanted to do for many years – pay respect to the songs his father used to play for him when he was a boy. Sometimes, it sounds like he is singing, not to his new wife, but to his little girl, his eight year old daughter Beatrice. There is much tenderness and sweetness in this album, and a great deal of naked honesty. It’s done so simply. I hear him saying, “I know my voice is not what it was. But I give you my best anyway.”
It was the song “Inchworm” that made me cry. My childhood record collection included one by the great Danny Kaye, and my favourite was “Inchworm.”
Inchworm, inchworm,
Measuring the marigolds …
I’ve hung onto this lovely song all my life, and here it is, sung by my favourite singer with a choir of children. No choice but tears.
The CD is beautiful. I will buy it for my mother for Valentine’s Day.



2 Responses to “Macca does it again”

  1. Lyn says:

    Sounds beautiful … music can trigger so many emotions and take us back to other times. I also love Paul and the fact that he has morphed and survived the times to come out the other end – and still make music. I am going to give this CD a listen. Thanks for sharing Beth.

  2. beth says:

    Lyn, two things have been with me my whole life and have never let me down – peanut butter and the music of the Beatles. Just about every song they ever recorded is engraved in my heart, and now, Paul's music is too. He has been a lifelong companion, always trying new things with courage and cheer, as good companions should.

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