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“The Whirlpool”

At the Y on Wednesday, my locker mate Tina, who changes next to me and whom I have never met outside the Y, said, “Welcome back. I followed the blog and feel like I was

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the little battles of life

An extraordinary day yesterday, battling both of the academic institutions for which I work, where my courses are due to start in two weeks. It seemed, yesterday, as if they were both out to make

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my Beatles talk at Miles Nadal May 24

An absurdly difficult day, to be explained some other time. But the sun is pouring in, and this just arrived, and soon my home class students will too. So all is well.

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ode to chocolate

During Monday’s visit. What Glammas do best – help smear chocolate on the face.

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Itzhak Perlman plays and the sun comes out

Bliss. This is bliss. All Toronto was out today – as all Vancouver was out a few days ago – celebrating the sunshine. Hot today, for here – 14 degrees, blasting non-stop sun. Spring is

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the last temptation

At the airport, dying to be outside – it dawned of course a heavenly day, hot and sunny. The city, giving me the finger – diss me, will you, you Toronto nudnik? Let me SHOW

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the rain will see me off

Guess what it’s doing outside? Pouring. Grey, chilly, very wet. The poor kids – there were many thousands this afternoon celebrating 4/20 just down the street from Bruce’s place. He and I walked there, through

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last day

End of the great voyage of 2018: I’m checking out of the Victorian Hotel this morning to spend my last day and night with Bruce on Beach Avenue, where today the city is celebrating 4/20

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sun and sea

Left the hotel at noon and spent the day as a flâneuse – walking walking walking. Took the ferry to Granville Island, walked all around the Island, poking into shops, lunch – then the ferry

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