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One other thing, while I have this moment of tranquillity, sitting on the balcony above Lyons in the chill wind: there’s no doubt that travel is good for the soul; that it helps my work

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If it’s Saturday, this must be Lyons … a 9th floor apartment with a view over all of Lyons, to be exact. It’s a small one-bedroom apartment, very chic and modern, with an enormous balcony

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more Lyons

Two major rivers flow through Lyons – the Rhone and the Saone Last night’s visit – Jean-Marie with his daughter Maude and two-week old sons Neil and Samuel My host Vincent on his spectacular 9th

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from Montpellier to Lyons

The fanfare for Francois Hollande, Socialist candidate for President of France M. Hollande, a tiny point of light in the distance Lyons: The Gallo-Roman theatre, 15 B.C. : the audience The stage A typical hideous

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the socialists gather

Last day in Montpellier – the excitement, going to see a rally for Francois Hollande, the Socialist candidate in the upcoming French Presidential elections, who’s at the moment the top candidate in the polls. Sarkozy,

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from retreat to soufflé

The magnificent tree overhanging the terrace beside the river, where writers work The former barn, now the Writer’s Retreat – with Juliet balcony In Montpellier – Monsieur Blin makes a soufflé, a confection of two

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J. K. Rowling is my hero

This woman is simply the best. Someone just sent me this – her talk at Harvard in 2008. “Rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I built my life.” Inspiring and beautiful. JK Rowling:

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winning the Tony Award

Well, yesterday was pretty amazing, my friends. I got up at 7 and spent the day working like mad – preparing a piece to send to a competion, starting another, and then having a long

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Chez Isabel

The mill just below Isabel’s house, from which the frogs serenade us and the brook babbles My landlady, with her sublime mushroom omelette Her house – le Mas Blanc Le marché aux puces at Anduze

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