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CLo’s backyard His street  Checking out the passersby, of whom there are almost none  Whipping up a simple cake Still life with said cake

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slowing down

I’m in Brigadoon – a magical place drifting in the mists. The air is so fresh, I’m always sleepy, my brain not used to all that oxygen. And then there’s this house, a luxury log

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island life

A heavy grey morning, cold and wet. I am in Chris’s studio, working – well, right now, writing to you. He’s in his house, 20 paces away, at his computer. At noon we’ll go to

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And now for something completely different: Gabriola Island, off Vancouver Island near Nanaimo, population about 4000, at least in winter, many more in summer. As those of you who follow his blog know, my friend

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the shape of water, the sequel

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows I’m a sunoholic. I will locate the sun beside windows in restaurants and busses and planes, in my house, and follow it around, like

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A thrilling day on our battered planet: Americans are rallying, and the world with them. Those kids are incredible! Could this possibly be a turning point in the benighted politics of our neighbours? Of our world?

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rain rain go the @#$#@$ away

Please allow me to bitch a little, will you? It’s SUNNY in Toronto. In this godforsaken town, they have not heard of sun. Bright heat does not exist. What exists are cloud, rain clouds, and

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made it

Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes. I’m here. It’s dark and raining in Vancouver, of course, but the fruit trees are in bloom. I’m in St. Augustine’s, a pub on Commercial Drive, drinking a rather

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nearly on her way

Dear God, this is the usual state I’m in before leaving for an extended trip – beyond exhausted, drained like an overcooked noodle. This time my left eye is bright red with a burst blood

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basement suite to rent May 1

Beautiful furnished basement suite to rent in tranquil, historic Cabbagetown in the heart of Toronto. One big bright room with kitchen, living room, bedroom combined; a dressing room area, and a bathroom with big shower.

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I began keeping a journal at the age of nine. Nearly fifty years later, I started this online journal, sharing reflections, reviews, updates, and the occasional secret.

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Chris Walks
This blog evolves. It once was about travels. Now it’s a reason to be at the keyboard that I value.


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Theresa Kishkan is a writer living on the Sechelt Peninsula on the west coast of Canada.


I walk on. With my feet, and in my mind as well.


Carrie Snyder
Wherever you’ve come from, wherever you’re going, consider this space a place for reflection and pause.


Juliet in Paris, Spain and Beyond
Juliet is a Canadian who’s lived for decades in Paris and writes about her travels and the many things that interest her.



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