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shining on, with coffee

Some mornings are more blessed than others. Especially those when I’ve slept through the night. Often I wake at 3 or 4 and lie fretting for hours over things that cannot be changed; there’s a pad and pen by my bed so I can jot down things to do without turning on the light, often waking in the morning, late, to incomprehensible scribbles. 

But last night bed at 11.30, waking at 6, like a normal person. What a difference. If sleep always came like that, I’d have written ten more books.

Another reason to rise early: a coffee machine. What amazing technology – why hasn’t anyone told me about this? You set it up, you push a button, and you have coffee! I’ve been using Melitta or a french press for years, with a little espresso machine for a treat. But when there was a coffee machine recommendation in the NYT’s Wirecutter section, I went for it. I trust Wirecutter, have bought their recommended bike helmet and coffee grinder. There’s hot coffee in the pot right now, should another cup be needed. So convenient! What will they think of next?

Just checked my IG messages and found the loveliest note (abridged here) from a reader who read my essay Learning To Speak:  I just read your post on Brevity and thank you, thank you, thank you for it. I felt as though you were speaking only to me. I needed those words today. Bless you … It’s amazing what can happen when we get out of our own way. I am buoyed by your story and am going to buy your memoir… 

I’m able to write that pitch now that I’ve been putting off. Happy to know you are out there, Beth. Take good care, and keep shining on,

Thank you, dear reader. So happy you found the piece inspirational. We’ll both do our best to shine on, yes?

More heartening news – the play Indecent about the Yiddish theatre is on here – I saw it in NYC – and my dear friend Nick Rice is in it. A friend sent this note to Ruth: By the way Ruthie, there is a Q& A post performance. In ours Nicolas Rice who plays Otto & others recommended Beth Kaplan’s book Finding the Jewish Shakespeare: The Life and Legacy of Jacob Gordin to the audience…

Thank you so much, Nick! There’s a stampede already to buy the book! LOL. 

Yesterday, I did a 3-hour webinar in writing family history that will give me courage to tackle my family history again. Yet again. Stay tuned. 

It’s Hallowe’en. As your faithful correspondent has said before, those of us who used to dress in other people’s clothing for a living aren’t crazy about Hallowe’en, though how great it’s such fun for others. My ‘hood goes crazy; many hundreds of children jam the streets, it’s a wonderful sight. My neighbours across the street are now in friendly competition as to who can put on the most extravagant display. 

Aha! A friend wrote, The fall colours this year are brighter than they have been in a few years, thanks, apparently, to a cold snap in September and a bit of rain.

So – 8.30 Sunday morning. Just had a real breakfast with of course hot coffee and the papers, listening to Schubert’s haunting Quintet, as light gradually illuminated the windows. The garden is lovelier in autumn than in high summer.

As are we, my friends. As are we. Keep shining on.



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  1. Even better, you set up the coffee machine the night before and program it to turn on at a certain time the next morning! No button pushing in the morning, coffee awaits!

  2. beth says:

    Amazing! Incredible!

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