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Okay, I know it gets boring, all my joyful burbling – but this is the best morning ever. 10 a.m. on a holiday Monday, utterly tranquil, 20 degrees and sunny already with fresh dew on the garden. The rose by the fence has put out three, three new orangey-pink blooms for the pleasure of my Thanksgiving guests; the hibiscus is blooming red, there’s a new bright red begonia, a bright red mandevilla, the pink geraniums … The birds are at the feeder, the stuffing is made and ready to go into our bird and into the oven, the multitudes will assemble late afternoon. The newspapers are filled with stories about the election surprise for Stephen Harper – how this fine, intelligent country handed him a majority and then turned Liberal or NDP or even Red Tory provincially – what the hell is happening in Alberta? I’ll have what they’re having – and keeping our oily Prime Minister in check. Woo hoo!

I’ve done some work this morning – oh, I am pregnant now, the memoir is gestating, growing, I’m poking and polishing and ripping apart, the most fun work of all. So satisfying, I feel it right in my gut, the growth of this artefact that’s from me and of me and will one day have a life of its own.
Time now for a walk; I’ll go to the Necropolis and commune with the dead, and to the Farm to celebrate the living and smelly. There is so much wrong out there, but I don’t want to think about it today. Today, this one little corner, so far … omigod, I’d better shut up, if I talk too much, it’ll all go wrong. So I’m saying this in a whisper, a tiny little voice – today, in this minuscule corner of the planet, we appreciate family and friends, food, gathering, peace. We are all grateful.

And … I’d like to apologize to Nancy Shevell, now Dame McCartney, or whatever the wife of a Sir becomes. I was snide yesterday, Nancy. Yes, perhaps a tiny bit jealous that you’ve grabbed the most eligible bachelor on the face of the earth, aging rocker though he is. You have a lovely demeanour and have made the man extremely happy. He deserves happiness, he has given so much to the world. I thank you, and on this beautiful Thankgiving day, I wish you nothing but joy.
Though I still think that diamond is just a little bit too big.



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