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National Theatre Live: Skylight

Yesterday I walked into my U of T class and told them this was probably the best day of their lives. “Did you notice as you came here, how beautiful it is? The colours of the trees, the sun – and we’re all alive and breathing with a brain. Does it get better than this?”

They laughed. Sometimes maybe my Pollyanna cheer is a little much. But I’ve decided I never want to be anywhere but Canada in October – it is so gorgeous out there. After class, I went on to an event which I am writing urgently to tell you about, any of you in Toronto, because it’s on again tomorrow – a National Theatre Live presentation of a moving, timely David Hare play, “Skylight.” I hadn’t heard of the play but saw it was going to be shown at the Yonge-Dundas cinemas, Googled it, and couldn’t wait to get there.

Just one of the best productions ever – a superb play brilliantly acted by Bill Nighy, Carey Mulligan – both of them, fantastic, and what a team – and Matthew Beard, a young actor I don’t know. A torrent of clever, heartfelt words, words, full of passion, pain and truth – afterwards I sighed with pleasure, feeling full to the brim with great art. How fantastic is this new innovation, theatre and opera at the movies, accessible to all. Instead of a flight to London and a theatre ticket, I paid $22 for a great seat which included an interview with David Hare at intermission. Can’t beat that.

It’s on again tomorrow at 1.10. Don’t miss it if you can possibly get there. Today there’s another National Theatre Live show – an adaptation of “Frankenstein” starring the heavenly Benedict Cumberpatch as either the doctor or the monster – the casts alternate. I may go. Or maybe it would just be too much great theatre all at once. I might pass out.

One more word re Jian: my friend Margaret was kind enough to write, “Just wanted to say that your blog post about Jian was the first intelligent piece I’ve read on the subject. And exceptionally well-written. I wonder and worry about what long-term impact this all may have on the CBC.” 

I do too. Right now, I am thinking about his mother. A few weeks ago she lost her husband, and now her revered son is disgraced, and in such a disturbing and public way. Must be devastating.



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