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A rocky start to my journey, but all is well. The flight was fine except that an elderly woman a few rows back had a medical emergency – she was unconscious, every flight attendant was

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up and at ’em

In the airless Neverland of the departure lounge, at the Italian restaurant near my gate, drinking red wine, natch, and eating a very good grilled veggie salad. I got it all done, folks – one

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Woman of the Year

I was riding my bike down Parliament Street this afternoon when my neighbour Gretchen and I caught sight of each other, and she started to hula, hips swaying and arms waving like a madwoman. So

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“Haida Gwaii”

It’s winter now, cold – frost on the grass this morning, for the first time. All a Canadian body wants to do at a time like this is eat large quantities of carbohydrates and drink

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Paradise, here I come

Several blog readers have asked about my impending trip to Hawaii. I’ve not mentioned it before because it seemed barely real even to me – but it must be real, because there’s a flight on

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bits and pieces

Here’s the main difference between France and the U.S.: After 9/11, Americans were urged to defy the terrorists by going shopping. In Paris, the French are being urged to celebrate their freedom from fear by

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re: the island airport and Marcus Gee

Following the photo of Paul Newman, which makes me feel so good, here’s one of the most beautiful poems in the English language, about surviving the insanity of modern life: And further to the insanity

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A ++ for everyone

Last Ry class last night. How lucky we’ve been with the weather this term – still amazingly mild. Yesterday there was a man on my street in a tank top and jean shorts, and just

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John Oliver nails it, as usual

Here is the brilliant John Oliver speaking with his usual clarity and wit about the recent events in France, quoted in the New Yorker: “So here is where things stand. First, as of now, we

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