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“I am Heath Ledger”

My garden helpers Dan and Alex came today; Dan has a torn tendon and can mostly just prune and consult, so Alex and I spent 2 1/2 hours weeding, fertilizing, moving stuff around, planting. It’s only begun, there’s a ton more to do, but at least it’s started. And now my body aches.

Yesterday afternoon, heaven – cooking while listening to CBC’s Tapestry, and then Eleanor Wachtel interviewing Helen Macdonald, author of “H is for Hawk,” such a glorious writer she makes me want to give up. I cooked roast chicken with roast vegetables, ratatouille, red cabbage with apples, and leek and potato soup. Should keep me going for a few days.

Tonight, Wayson came for dinner to help me plough through some of this grub; we sat on the deck enjoying the smell of lilac, and then watched “I am Heath Ledger,” a documentary about the beautiful  young actor who died of an accidental overdose at 28. I knew he was amazing but had no idea just how talented – a filmmaker, musician, producer and incredibly talented actor with adoring family and friends and so much going for him – it’s just too sad. I remembered an expression I used to love: to burn with a hard, gemlike flame. This incandescent man did. Very glad to have seen the film.

Last night, two TV treats – “Call the Midwife,” which as usual had me sobbing, just the BEST television drama, going to the heart of life. And then a doc about Freud, fascinating. Can’t beat TV like that. Watching the news, though, never – can’t bear to see that travesty of a man sucking up to the Saudis and now to Netanyahu. Makes me sick.

Two people have now read this draft of my memoir and liked it, though of course they’re friends and biased; Carol my housemate says she loved it, and Chris my dear friend in Vancouver enjoyed it also. He had a few critical comments which I will take seriously but not many. It’s not “H is for Hawk” but it exists, it has something to say, perhaps before long it can make its way into the world. Stay tuned.



2 Responses to ““I am Heath Ledger””

  1. alandmillen says:

    Hi Beth. Please bear with me in a bit of self-promotion. I just finished reading "H is for Hawk" a few weeks ago, having bought it at Munro's book store in Victoria back in 2015. Highly recommended on various levels, particularly though for anyone grieving the loss of a parent. One of my English cousins is mentioned in the acknowledgements and is also the "Gordon" referenced in one of the book's many fascinating anecdotes about the world of birds of prey. Through sheer coincidence I was in his living room in April 2015 when Helen telephoned to inform him that she had just sold the movie rights to a British actress. Heading for my annual West Coast swing later this week, including a recording session on June 23 for a song I have co-written about the Halifax explosion, which marks its 100th anniversary on December 6th. We're hoping to come up with a worthy piece of Canadiana. Regards, Alan

  2. beth says:

    Alan, that's not self-promotion, that's a great story! How great to have a personal connection to this amazing book. I look forward to hearing your song. Cheers.

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