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a misery diagnosis: guess what?

 So my dear blogger friend Theresa Kishkan, whom I’ve never met, suggested that despite my recent negative Covid test, I should take another because my symptoms sounded like hers when she had Covid. And guess what? 

Woo hoo! Bingo! Bull’s eye! IT’S COVID!

Well, I’ve been saying for ages that we’re all going to get this thing at some point, so it’s my turn. A good time to get it – nothing on the calendar during this long post-Xmas week. I just pray I was not spewing germs at my beloveds on Xmas day. Please may they not get sick. 

Several problems: even my upstairs tenant is away, so I’m on my own. Apparently Paxlovid is available for over-70’s but I’ve been on hold for over an hour with Shopper’s and my doctor’s office is closed. (I still have a doctor for a few more months.) Plus the recycling has to go out tonight. Many have offered to help, but I don’t want to endanger my older friends. Luckily dear Holly, my daughter by another mother, has offered to come over to help. This woman is an angel. 

I have no interest in food; everything tastes terrible. The thought of coffee or wine turns my stomach – imagine, me! Sleeping is disaster. Coughing, aching. Head foggy. I look and feel 100. 

BUT – imagine what this might have been if I weren’t triple vaxxed! Thank the blessed scientists of this world for their hard work and brilliance. For the fact that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. That I will not be in hospital on a breathing tube.

The world is a dangerous place. Feeling more so by the minute. 

PS. Less so now. The pharmacist at Shoppers was reluctant to give me Paxlovid until he had a full report about my kidneys. My kidneys are fine! I said. I’ve never had them tested and the doctor’s office, of course, is closed. He asked what drugs I was taking or about allergies – nothing, niente, nada. Finally he gave in and Holly picked it up for me, I’ve started the course. She took out the recycling and moved on. I want to give away all the food in my fridge except eggs, I think I can handle eggs. 

But at the moment, on the sofa in the living room, with herbal tea in my new CBC Christmas mug and Kleenex box at the ready, in front of the fire. Nap time.



5 Responses to “a misery diagnosis: guess what?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Beth
    We both had Covid earlier this year, so I sympathize – it's no fun but one recovers. There's no magic bullet IMO – wait it out, it passes.In my case it took a few months before I could say I feel 'the same' again, but nothing life-threatening, just niggling things that I noticed but nobody else did. I look forward to hearing of your recovery and lack of long-Covid effects
    Take care

  2. beth says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words, Trevor. I know, most people have had it, I've been lucky till now. A friend just went to get me Paxlovid, though, so I hope that will help.

  3. Chris says:

    Oh Beth, I am so sorry to hear that you have Covid. I'm glad that you have nothing in your calendar for this week and that you can rest and relax. I hope you feel better each day until you are fully recovered.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth!!! What to do, what to do…. save some energy if you can, please keep us updated. There's a lot on the internet – you can get some kind of an idea about it. If you can bear the job of getting on the internet.
    Here's what the famed Mayo Clinic has to suggest:
    Take good care,

  5. beth says:

    Thanks, friends, for your good thoughts. Luckily I have a pretty strong immune system. No, I'd better not say that, asking for trouble again. I'm lucky, though, because I can isolate in a rather large house. This too shall pass.

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