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Happy NY!

So many congratulations about the cat pouring in on FB and IG — I feel like a newly-wed. But she ain’t here yet. 

My childhood cat was grey, perhaps that’s why I responded so immediately to her pic. My father named all our pets after Greek goddesses, so he named her Ariadne, and I named her Wusso. I adored her. We had a rule — if you had a cat in your lap, you didn’t have to get up to do chores. You could call, “I have a little grey visitor,” and my mother would leave you alone. 

Soon I hope to have a little grey visitor.

I’m almost human today, though it was another dark, wet one. My lungs are less porous and I have a bit of energy. The great excitement today is that Annie came over for dinner! Amazingly, this dear friend got Covid at exactly the same time as I, so we can pass our germs back and forth. We had eggplant parmesan Gretchen brought over from Epicure, and Annie’s homemade Xmas cake; we watched Endeavour and a few minutes of the Lizzo concert, which was pretty overwhelming in every way, just so not something I want to watch, admire her chutzpah though I do. 

And now it’s 9.20 and another thing I do not want to watch is screaming people in Time’s Square. One of the joys of getting old: who gives a shit about NYEve? We’ve seen a bunch of these. It’s one year rolling into another, get over it, move on, shut up. 

Oh oh, sounding like a cranky old lady, m’dear. 

My daughter gave me an exquisite piece of Indigenous art, a medicine shield, for Xmas. It’s now on the wall facing my desk. May you too have a medicine shield, to get you through the next year with health, kindness, contentment, friendship. Maybe an adventure or two.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, my friends. Happy New Year. 



3 Responses to “Happy NY!”

  1. Trevor says:

    Happy New Year Beth, and congratulations on your new cat! Love the grey visitor story.

  2. Trevor says:

    Ours is also a small grey cat

  3. beth says:

    Every house needs a little grey visitor. Happy New Year, Trevor! May 2023 bring you all good things.

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