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August 1 horoscopes

IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: This year you often go back and forth between different points of view. This behaviour is unusual for you, as you generally are very clear about what you think and how you feel. [Beth adds: WRONG!] You seem to be gaining more insight into others and their motives. You also see more possibilities than in the past. If you are single, the ability to see past the obvious enhances your dating potential. [Beth adds: YEAH RIGHT.] You have the skills and wisdom to make peace more often and walk away from dissension. PISCES creates some interesting scenarios with his or her imagination.

Birthday Persona Profile 
People born specifically on the 1st of August are believed to be jovial, open and focused with the usual zodiac Lion enjoyment of luxuries. [Beth adds: Luxuries? Who, me?] The ruling astrological planet selected for this particular day is the Sun, the same ruler of your star sign, intensifying your warmth and generosity. If you have this birthday plenty of self esteem, wit and impulsiveness makes you loveable but also occasionally arrogant and thoughtless too. [Surely not.] Assertive and highly persuasive, your warm heart is full of loyalty and you are likely to always stand up for things you believe in. [Throw Harper into the Ottawa River.] You are charming, creative and stylish with an energetic optimism and the determination and ability to bounce back quickly from any setback. Individuals with an August the first birthday are self sufficient but they can sometimes be very demanding and dependant on others emotionally. [God no, I’m so totally independent. Don’t you think so? Don’t you?] You will usually view the world as it is without any illusions or overly high expectations. [Thanks to Jon Stewart.]

Work and Finances 
A suitably paid and stimulating job may be difficult to a person born on the first of August. [WHY IS THAT?] You can have a competitive element in career choice and will ordinarily go to great lengths to work for an income to facilitate your desire for a luxurious lifestyle. [Really? Are you sure about that?] Your skilled talent of persuasiveness directs you do especially well in sales, marketing and advertising professions. [Could this be more wrong?] Your financial management plans will usually involve the allocation of some saving funds for the future. An impulsive streak in your temperament can once in a while disturb your usual good intentions to save. 

Personal Relationships 
For a Leo, the person born on the first day of August is typically friendly and easily approachable with an idealistic view of romance. Your sociable charm and touch of perfectionism can guide you to be sometimes prone to disillusionment concerning love unions in your youth. [No kiddding!] Loving and naturally protective, you tend to need a partner who is frank, uncritical and understanding of your continual need for affection, appreciation and attention. Despite the confident proud front you normally display, you seem to require frequent emotional reassurance from a soul mate. [Are you listening, soul mates?] Expressive and broad minded sexually, your strong lustiness can prompt the occasional episode of unintentional selfishness in bed. [Let’s not even begin to go there.] Passionate, giving and loyal, you are particularly receptive to flattery and can often be flattered into submission by it if your fiery temper surfaces. A perfect partner will keep you calm and quell your primary insecurities. [Eli, this means you.]


Leos born on August 1 have a somewhat haughty personality but are lovable people. They need the validation of others, yet they are not likely to sacrifice their true self to that aim. These people set themselves a goal and go after it with little thought of how much time or effort it will require. [AKA: writing books.]
Friends and Lovers

August 1 natives have a real genius for creating interesting and fulfilling relationships. They have a difficult time finding partners who meet their needs and may need years to “settle down.” [File under: NEVER.]

Children and Family

Because of their rebellious nature, August 1 individuals often separate early from their families. They are not greatly interested in becoming parents, since they often have demanding careers. However, if they enter parenthood, they tend to have a liberal attitude. 

You should embrace: High energy, pragmatism, generosity [YES!]
You should avoid: Crass behavior, intolerance, poor personal choices
[Gosh, that’s strange.]
I share this birthday with: Dhani Harrison, Yves St. Laurent, Jerry Garcia and Herman Melville. My peeps.



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