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You Like it, you really Like it!

Excitement! A young woman called Grace, who’s working as an organizer and social media coach while saving for university, came this morning. She’s a marvel, and when she left, an hour later, my book had its own Facebook page (All My Loving)  and I’d sent an event invitation (All My Loving Book Launch) to all 88 of my Facebook friends.

And now, only two hours later, 14 people already officially Like my book! And they haven’t even read it yet. Amazing, this new world of ours. I’m beginning, just beginning, to get the hang. Grace, who is 22, has over 800 Facebook friends. She went to 11 schools, she said, and with 30 or 40 people per school, plus her work – there you go, over 800 friends. 10 times mine.

We’ve left our work for now and will resume when I return. I’ve also asked her to help me organize my office and cull my closet. We are going to be good friends, because when we’re done, if ever, Grace will know a great deal – far too much – about me.

Meanwhile, my back still hurts; it must be stress. Here’s what’s happening: early organizing of the book launch by choosing and booking the space and getting the poster and invitations designed, and hiring Grace; spending today going through the next proof of the book, the final one, and writing various blurbs. Also preparing the storytelling/reading series that launches at nearly the same time by buying another image from Alanna Cavanagh, the wonderful artist who did the book cover; then choosing a name and getting a poster made, setting time, place and topic.

Then, for the trip, trekking around to buy a new pair of jeans in a larger size, because I’m at my winter weight, and it’s been a long winter. Yoga jeans – brilliant, they stretch everywhere. I bought a kind called “Sky high” because the waist only comes an inch and a half below my navel, rather than on the pubic bone. Now that’s what I call comfort. And now I’m doing laundry and beginning to pack. Apparently it’s so warm in Paris, there’s an air pollution crisis. I cannot imagine this. It’s hard to pack for warmth when it’s been bitterly cold outside for months, and back to the extreme deep freeze tomorrow.

Making final appointments to see family and friends – Booboo’s mother is sick so I haven’t seen him for far too long, though we Skyped yesterday. He leans over and turns off Skype when he’s had enough. I imagine him one day, when we’re having dinner, leaning over and trying to turn me off.

A treat the other night – my son was over in the blizzard, so we sat eating take-out Indian food and watching Wadjda, a beautiful film from Saudi Arabia, directed, miraculously, by a woman and starring a stunning young girl. What a repressive society for women, ye gods, and yet it’s a story of hope, courage and great love. Highly recommended.

Now 17 people like my book! Including Vida, a student I taught about 15 years ago who moved after the class to New Zealand and whom I have not seen since – but from New Zealand, she likes my book. And I Like this process. OMG, I’m going to disappear down the tunnel of social media, like Alice. Help!



4 Responses to “You Like it, you really Like it!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I didn't get an event invitation! And did you realize that Don Adams (former Acme-ite) has over 1500 Facebook friends? Now that's self-promotion!

  2. beth says:

    Lani, of course you are invited. I'll have to check how that works. No, I'll have to ask Grace to check. 1500 … well, I'm happy with my 88, because each one is an amazing, interesting person I'd be happy to have dinner with. I bet he can't say that about his 1500 FB friends.

  3. Nancy F. says:

    Gorgeous cover, Beth! Can't wait to read your new book.

  4. beth says:

    Thanks, Nancy. There's a Facebook page for the book and the launch. You'll be getting an email invite at some point. Stay tuned.

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