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Unbelievable. Pathetic. A tiny scandal is gripping our country – the first ten pages of the Star this morning about nothing else, not one other subject than the Wilson-Raybould debacle from Ottawa.  Yes, it seems

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Sam’s memoir in cocktails

This blog is keeping me sane. Something happens, an absurdity or a triumph or simply something I want to share – and there you are. Upstairs, four men a’measuring. Five golden rings, six French hens.

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parsing The Blue Flower

Violent windstorm just beginning. They’ve warned us the power might go out, so Wayson is not coming for Sunday dinner as usual. Which is good, because it means I don’t have to watch the Oscars

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reno woe #6749

Saturday morning, 9.30 a.m., Jean-Marc and Kevin are already upstairs arguing about the spiral staircase, the open wooden staircase to the third floor which will be a bitch to fix. The central job of this

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Michel de Montaigne, my new hero

OMG could she be more boring? I apologize, dear bloggees, for the tedium of paint colours. I did get a bit obsessive there for awhile. The firstest of first world problems. Onward. In the midst

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discovering greige

A cold but sunny day, and I’m trapped inside by the painters, who’ve been here all day doing the priming coat – I needed to be around to supervise. Have barely moved my sluggish bod,

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superb Oslo

Tell someone you’re going to see a play about failed Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations and watch their brows wrinkle. That’s the thrilling plot of Oslo, a powerful, important play about what it takes to be a

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Margaret walks the Camino

First, most importantly, friend and student Margaret Lynch wrote a beautiful essay for my home class on walking the Camino and now has read it on CBC radio’s The Sunday Edition; it will air tomorrow

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one-bedroom basement suite for rent

My basement apartment will be available May 1 – now not a bachelor but a furnished one-bedroom apartment with washer/dryer. At least, that’s the hope – that I’ll have moved out of that bedroom myself

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eye of the storm

Mother Nature hit us hard today – tons of snow and then sleet, hard sleet that slashed the face, and high winds, so bad, the schools were cancelled for the first time in years, to

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