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speeding toward the finish line

Crossing things off the list. Today, after about 5 hours sleep, I: got in touch with PEN Canada for the second time about my tax receipt from them, finally got it emailed and printed, got all my tax information to wonderful John, who will transform all those bits of paper into something the government will accept. Wrote to Kevin about various last minute things still undone. Met with Dan who’s going to finish the painting – three days, he estimates, and here I thought it was nearly done. We had to choose colours. Met with Jean-Marc, who has been away for the whole last part of this project, though I’ve been sending him pictures. He went into raptures about his design work – as well he might. So much of his vision has worked out brilliantly.

The first tenant Leonie moved in last night; she lived for a year in the basement and when she left she was pregnant, so at breakfast I looked at pictures of her adorable son, now nearly 3. Took two library books back to the library. Got to Carole’s class at the Y where I was even slower, if that’s possible, but I was THERE. All my friends there wished me bon voyage and Debra had advice for Milan, so kind. Got to Shopper’s for last minute things, travel sized toothpaste etc. Got Sam to get delicious Ontario peanut butter at the health food store to take to Lynn, along with Shredded Wheat. Got to Star Nails to have my toenails trimmed because the big toes get ingrown and I can’t cut down the sides myself. (TMI?) Corresponded with Jade, the tenant who’s moving in April 1. Corresponded with Gabriel, the tenant who’s moving out April 15. Corresponded with my dear ex-husband, who’s probably coming to visit in May, so realized I need a bed asap for the spare room, trolled about online and ordered a twin extra-long frame and mattress from Amazon, to be delivered next week. Charged up my headphones. Did two loads of laundry. Paid some online bills. Skated over the backyard ice to fill the bird feeder. Made a list of phone numbers to leave for Nicole who’s living here while I’m gone. Edited a eulogy a friend asked me to look at. Showed the house to my oldest friend Ron, who said, “It worked out really well.” Wrote to Pella Windows to complain that after installation they left the windows smeared and dirty.

It’s 4 p.m.

Still need to: Renew our family membership at the AGO which expires soon. Pay the Enbridge bill which just came in. Check in online for both Air Canada to Paris tomorrow night and Air France from Paris to Montpellier Friday morning. Have dinner with Sam who’s here to cook me some rainbow trout.


PS. Parliament Street news: There’s a new restaurant at Parliament and Gerrard for “Japanese street food,” whatever that is, also a new hookah bar, and a small hairdresser on Parliament St. that has a sidewalk sign advertising its wares and has added “We have private room for women in hijab.”

I love my ‘hood. That’s why I went through all this reno hell – because I want to stay right here. So here I am. And I’m leaving tomorrow.



2 Responses to “speeding toward the finish line”

  1. theresa says:

    Safe and happy travels, Beth!

  2. beth says:

    Thank you, Theresa! I think I'll actually get there.

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