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Life often hands out gifts, and I received a few today. I was forwarded an article in a scholarly journal; a few notable Canadians were asked to write about a university professor who inspired them

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Oliver Sacks, RIP

My friend Chris just sent this. What a loss to the world of this brilliant, compassionate doctor, writer and man. Famed British neurologist and author Oliver Sacks died on Sunday at the age of 82, his assistant told

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The Wolfpack

Being a mother never ends. Hard to believe, but yesterday, both my children lost their phones simultaneously, so there’s been no way to get through to either of them, and Sam was very sick. Anna

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Macca then and now

There will be a certain amount of Macca madness in the days leading up to October 17 … Here’s a video of the young man and the older man and his song. And a beautiful

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love those genes

First, for those biting your nails for me out there – the charge for the Macca ticket has appeared on my Visa bill! Hooray! I get to pay lots of money to see my hero.

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I am crabby. Petty reasons – I’ve had a great day. But consumer issues are making me crabby. I just checked my Visa, and the charge for the McCartney ticket is not there. I have

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Camilla Gibb leads the charge

I am writing an essay on how to get published, especially on self-publishing, for my students, and after reading a draft, Chris Cameron, one of my editors, urged me not to be so negative –

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Well – yes and no. It’s Monday morning 8 a.m. and the Paul McCartney tickets, for his concert here Oct. 17, go on sale in two hours. And I have to say, re the above,

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about writing and the perils of this chair

It’s the tenth anniversary of the fire in my basement, which happened mid-August 2005. As I gazed at the stinking, smouldering ruins, I thought my life was in ruins too. And then the insurance paid

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