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They say it’s your birthday, you’re gonna have a good time …

I’ve said this before, but … sometimes FB is a most wonderful addition to life. 51 birthday greetings yesterday, from Halifax friends I’ve not seen in over four decades, to recent Toronto acquaintances and every era in between. It was like getting an overview of a lifetime of friendship. John Wright whom I acted with in Vancouver in 1978 and have not seen since posted this:

Mon dieu! Sunflowers for Ukraine, I hope. 

Plus email greetings. My ex sent a video of him singing Happy Birthday. He doesn’t take singing lightly, so I was honoured. I also got effusive birthday greetings from loving companies: RBC, Aeroplan, Body Shop, and a place where I had a facial ten years ago. Nice that they think so kindly of me. 

The day started with two special hello’s: one from a mother raccoon and her three babies, who climbed over the fence onto my deck, stood to check me out, and then sauntered off through the garden. And then the William Morris rose came back out to beam at me, just in time. 

Usually at these events, Sam barbecues, but as he cooked he always drank a beer or three, so now we don’t barbecue, and we don’t drink either. He is 4 1/2 months sober and doing amazingly well, but we don’t want to make it harder for him by drinking in front of him. So I wanted all the food to be ready. Using tomatoes, cukes, basil, parsley, mint, dill, and chives from the garden, I made: cucumber salad, tomato-bread salad, potato salad, tabbouleh, pesto pasta, and a giant “BLT salad” with grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and avocado. Just had to put them all out at the last minute, and heat up burgers for the boys. And then chocolate cake from Daniel and Daniel. 

A wonderful group, dear friends and beloved family dining in my back forty. Chaos, with two small boys and one growing bouncy dog. They all brought flowers, but my best present was a pastel painting by Eli.

A leo for a Leo. Such confidence, no? 

Seventy-two. I am blessed to have friends in their eighties. Ruth wrote and called me “you young thing.” I’ll take it.



2 Responses to “They say it’s your birthday, you’re gonna have a good time …”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love your birthday stories. Sounds like a deeply satisfying day, you young thing. My grand-daughter Joan turned 7 on August 1st. She starts school later this month (two years of kindergarten in Switzerland), raring to go with her official school satchel, the getting of which is a rite of passage in this country. Cheers. Alan

  2. beth says:

    OOO, love satchels, pencil cases, fresh notebooks. I think this September I'll buy a few and pretend I'm off to school, like Joan – and Happy Birthday to my birthday mate too. Thank you for your good wishes, Alan.

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