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baby brother Day Two

Went across town to visit the little family, to find everything miraculously tranquil and organized. Holly had taken Eli to Sunnyside pool and Ben was sleeping.

You can see his funny little sideways right foot. It’s a perfect foot, it’s just sideways. It will be easily fixed.
The midwives came to check everything and brought an old-fashioned scale.
Just over six pounds – a little more than a bag of sugar. 
Then big brother came home sleepy from his swim and had a nap in the arms of his grandmother and then his mother. 
Anna said he came into her room this morning and said, Good morning Mummy. Good morning, baby brother. 
There are still complications of various kinds, but Mummy is on top of everything right now, particularly because she’d had some sleep and the AC was on. She made me a BLT with avocado, delicious, and then I went home. Tonight, the Francophone gathering next door at Monique’s. I think my brain will work enough to speak a bit of French. Or perhaps not, but I can eat. I can always eat. 



4 Responses to “baby brother Day Two”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Beth on grandbaby #2 and all the best to Anna and her family. It can be a tough road being a single mum, especially if it's from day 1. But it sounds as if Anna is made of the tough stuff so she'll survive/thrive, as will her kids. Ginette

  2. beth says:

    Thanks, Ginette. Yes, she's strong. But you're right, it is hard to do all this alone.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I still find it hard to believe that most countries send mums home so early. In France we stay five days-mostly to rest up.And when Christopher was born I stayed 10 days. That was 41 years ago; of course and that doesn't happen anywhere anymore. After 5 weeks, we get 10 free phsyiotherapy sessions to muscle up our tummies. Nursery school starts at three years old – sometimes as early as two -though the general opinion is that two is too young. In English speaking countries and Mauritius where Cristina, Myriam and Jessica had their babies, you only stay if you have a c-section. Otherwise you go home the same day. Also, another difference is that midwives are part and parcel of any maternity service in France. You know that I am sometimes known to complain a little about France, but as far as maternity goes, the French system gets only kudos. The important thing, of course, is that everything comes off well at the end. Benjamin is simply gorgeous. Anna is radiant. And as you said, we forget all the difficult parts of giving birth because we are simply so overwhelmed with love and joy!

  4. beth says:

    Ma belle, no question that there's lots to admire in the French system. The thought of offering women free physiotherapy after childbirth would make politicians laugh here. But what I envy most is the nursery school at three – and knowing that part of the day there is a nourishing meal. Ah well – lots to celebrate here too. Including the fact that it's getting easier to find good French cheese.

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