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real walls!

Your faithful correspondent was not in good shape today but not actually sick – fighting the good fight. Had to go out to the library and the bank but otherwise, keeping warm and not moving much. Today’s treats: THREE library books I’d ordered came in at once, and then the Globe brought by JM, and in the mail, a new New Yorker with spring on the cover and a royalty cheque from my publisher for a big fat $95! How great is that?

JM rented a car, and we were supposed to go to the nether reaches of the city in search of job lots of hardwood; I wasn’t well enough to go so he went on his own, and now we’re debating the dark versus the light. In the meantime the team of electricians were still here battling the knob and tube – poor guys, I think they’ve lost a fortune on this contract which is taking far, far longer than they’d thought. That’s my house for you. Kevin and Ed have all the drywall up and are taping. Thrilling.

my bedroom south wall

my bedroom east wall – new walk-in closet illuminated

the spare room

Hard to photograph and looks dull – but the excitement is real rooms with walls! Tomorrow the plywood for the new floors goes in, then mid-next week, finishing starts – trim, doors, light fixtures. We’re now figuring out paint colours. Miles to go. Have to say – I don’t mind so much the chaos, teams of skilful men marching through making mess and noise. A girl can get used to that.

I’m also wrestling with an essay about my dad’s thick file with the FBI; my editor pointed out that it’s unfocussed. It’s true – I don’t really know where it’s going or what it’s about. Need to stand back and figure that out.

Brutal and bitter out there but very sunny, which helps. We’re all in survival mode. A roof and a furnace help. Books to read and friends to write to help. Lying on a beach in the sun would also help, but – another time. For now, decisions – the dark or the light? A major consideration: the light is Chinese, the darker is Canadian, so my nationalist loyalties are in play. What do you think?



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