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arguing about Trump and Bernie

Lungs! Yes, they’re a bit battered and squishy, but they’re there! Legs, arms, all are returning to life. Thrilling. I thank you god for most this amazing day. It’s beautiful out there, and at last, I am able to appreciate it. I bought a big pot of flowers for the garden. Life stirs.

Yes, one of my neighbours has young adult children who are having a very loud party in the yard right now. But that’s okay, I like hearing young people having a good time, even if the language is pretty blue – they only seem to know one word. Though the long battle over the power lines continued, on and on and on, today, scores of frantic emails zipping back and forth – issues are at last being resolved. Finally, I did what I should have done months ago and asked my neighbour to come in for a talk. She did. We talked. We discussed what was going on, we resolved the problems; adversaries at first, we parted as friends.


Bruce just sent me a clip of Trump talking about hairspray that made me want to throw up. A friend yesterday posted a joyful proclamation that the success of the outliers, the non-establishment rebels Trump and his own beloved Bernie Sanders is a triumph of democracy and the little people. This is what I wrote back:

I disagree with a great deal in your current post, but that’s what friends are for. I loathe Trump and everything he stands for and yes, it does upset me that you would use that word for Hillary. I think there is a great deal to Sanders, a whole other negative side, that his supporters are not admitting. 

I do not see the rise of Trump as a plus for democracy, I see it as a horrifying surge of disaffected, angry people who want more and better and don’t understand why they’re not getting it. We’ve been through this with Ford. They want to blame someone, anyone, immigrants, especially Muslims, and certainly and most of all government, that’s the culprit. Good sense, logic, truth, fact has no place in their discourse, only racism, sexism, misogyny, horrifying mindless torrents of abuse – including homophobia. Absolutely terrifying, reminiscent of Nazi Germany. I am amazed that you can see the positive side of it. Good for you. 

Further to the point, here’s a terrific article for any of you who are still uncertain on the issue of Bernie versus Hillary. All our fates depend on American voters seeing sense. .

Called Auntie Do, now 96, who is taking her 32-year old Toyota to be serviced this week. She will be on the road soon. Ottawa, you have been warned.

The joy is that, with my health returning, I can care about the world again. And I do.



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