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A ++ for everyone

Last Ry class last night. How lucky we’ve been with the weather this term – still amazingly mild. Yesterday there was a man on my street in a tank top and jean shorts, and just down from him, the Korean store owners were unloading Christmas trees. Anyway, the Ry group was fascinating and diverse, and we had a great term. Mark brought his camera with a timer. I swore to myself that I would not let my face twist into some ridiculous pose just as the shutter clicked – but of course it did. A gorgeous shot of everyone except moi. Sigh.

Today I had an email from someone in the class:
I wanted to thank you again for a very inspiring course … I came home from class with many ideas for future projects and spent several hours today roughly spinning out those ideas onto paper. I have about six story ideas now.

Most importantly, as someone who had terrible writers’ block for several years, I feel liberated to write. This is really a gift as creative writing has long been my dream. Your advice and comments are helpful and provocative in the best sense of the word. I have never understood blogging, in particular, and your comments now have me very interested in starting my own blog as a way to experiment and keep the writing flowing.

Hooray! And another student wrote, You provided a warm and safe environment for us all to share our truths. I really enjoyed the class, it’s really helped me focus and find my voice.

Second last at U of T today, a spectacular group of women many of whom have already registered for the next level in January. They’re so comfortable and honest with each other, they may all move in together eventually. Then I went across town to Anna’s; Eli has a fever so she is stuck indoors with a sick child and a fussy baby who likes to be carried at all times. I don’t know how she keeps it all together, but she does; her loyal friends help a lot, just as she helps them. So I read stories and dandled the baby and did my best to make life a bit easier for her, for a few hours at least.

All this with a heavy heart as the world explodes. All that matters is family and love – and, for some of us at least, writing. And for others of us – beauty. Here’s one of my own favourite beauties, a picture Chris posted on his blog yesterday. One look at that face and I’m more cheerful already.



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