My new book “Midlife Solo” is now available.

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I’ve been told I’m an articulate, expressive communicator. Or perhaps I just love the sound of my own voice. Judge for yourself.

At Ben McNally Books

On a visit to Ben McNally Books, Rupert McNally asked, on the spot, to tape a brief video of me speaking about my book and then about a favourite writer of my choosing; you’ll see who I chose.

Interview with Joseph Planta

I did an interview with Vancouver book podcaster Joseph Planta about MidLife Solo, who reads deeply and asks great questions.

Interview with the Authors Book Club

Thrilled to be a member of the Authors Book Club and to have been interviewed about what book clubs mean for writers. The answer is: a lot!

The Writing Journey

Traci Skuce organized a popular week-long series of webinars about writing; my segment was about memoir. She’s a lively interviewer, and I enjoyed talking to her a great deal.

Video interview with Two Old Guys Talking

In this wide-ranging conversation, two curious, well-read men ask interesting questions about writing memoir, even surviving as a writer, and about my books specifically. Lots of laughs, too.

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Interview with Joseph Planta

Podcast interview with Joseph Planta about Loose Woman

Joseph Planta is a superb interviewer of writers. He reads books closely and asks probing, thoughtful questions. What a rare treat for a writer!