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Ladies Writing

Moti Sandak, of the website, has posted two Gordin-related items on the site: under “First Curtain,” news of my talk in New York, and under “Research,” an entire chapter of the book itself.  So

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the joy of cousins

What’s so hard about travelling is that your whole schedule is disrupted.  What’s so valuable about travelling is that your whole schedule is disrupted.   I’m in Washington, D.C.  It’s spring here – forsythia, magnolia,

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the mystery of the Tuesday storms

This is the most difficult packing job I’ve ever had – what to put in the suitcase when it’s freezing rain in Toronto, fresh snow, howling winds, and in Washington where I’m going it will

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been and gone

My beloved children came home for Easter dinner tonight, each bringing a best friend who is also like family.  I spent the morning chopping, stuffing, peeling, riding my bicycle to the Gerrard Street Chinatown for

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Onward artist soldiers

The other night I watched “A boy called Alex,” a documentary about a musical prodigy going to Eton whose dream is to direct his schoolmates in Bach’s “Magnificat.”  But he has cystic fibrosis, a particularly

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news from New York

Yesterday, good news and bad news.  A student has rescued the baby seal book at Pages.  It opened its big black eyes and blinked at her gratefully, as she tucked it under her arm and

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“The Band’s Visit”

I saw a masterpiece last night: “The Band’s Visit,” an exquisite, haunting movie.  The characters stayed with me through the night – I kept seeing their faces and revisiting scenes from the film, tiny scenes

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my melancholy baby at Pages

I forgot to mention, in the account of my little shopping trip on Queen Street yesterday, that I browsed in one of my favourite bookstores, Pages.  I always find something I desperately need there, and

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Little Miss Chatterbox

Omigod, what is that feeling, that sort of … warm feeling?  There was something unusual in the sky today, yellow and hot.  It felt good.  Like moles blinking in the unfamiliar light, the pasty citizens

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“Stuff Happens”

I took my adult children to see an interesting play last night – “Stuff Happens,” by David Hare.  It’s a dramatic re-creation of the lead-up to the Iraq war, a mixture of transcripts from actual

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