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the disgusting Liberal Party of Canada

Okay, now a huge dilemma – I do not like the Conservative Party and its frozen-hearted leader, as perhaps I might have mentioned once or twice. Now the Liberals have shown, once again, how spineless and unprincipled they are. This past week, Liberal M.P. Gerard Kennedy brought forward a bill to protect war resistors who flee to this country – specifying entry only for those protesting wars not sanctioned by the U.N., such as the war in Iraq.

And when the bill, which is endorsed by Canada’s faith groups, came forward for its second reading, a large group of Liberals, led by Michael Ignatieff, walked out of the house, thus avoiding the vote and defeating the bill. God forbid they should demonstrate anything feeble and girly, like compassion. Imagine what he-man Harper would do with that!

I just wrote a letter to to Gerard Kennedy, to thank him for being one of the few politicians of heart, courage and principle. He has posted a blog about the bill on, of all places, the “National Post” website. Read it, and then the responses, most of them enraged Conservatives spewing invective.
And I sent the following to the Liberal Party of Canada.

I just read about the Liberals walking out of the House before Gerard Kennedy’s bill to protect war resistors was read. And that is the end of my support for the Liberal Party of Canada and Michael Ignatieff.

I loathe the Conservatives and know the NDP can’t make a government, so have been doing my best to support the Liberals. But with that one move, my allegiance is over. The party, once more, shows its cowardice, hypocrisy and lack of principles. A disgusting display. I cannot tell you strongly enough how appalled and angry I am.

I know, they’re shaking in their boots.



5 Responses to “the disgusting Liberal Party of Canada”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kudos to You Beth!

  2. beth says:

    Thanks, Anita!

  3. coach outlet says:

    I was amazed at the disgusting tricks played by the Labor party at these polling booths, most of which were stopped by.

  4. Unknown says:

    thanks for posting that, I try to avoid politics to keep my blood pressure down! I, too have supported the Liberals in the past but now ..?

  5. beth says:

    Jane, the problem for people like us is – who shall we vote for? This is a dilemma for a lot of people, in that defeating the Conservatives is the primary objective. But if the Liberals are as bad …

    You're right. Bad for the blood pressure.

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